Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kate the Cat

This is Kate the Cat from the latest Knitty online magazine. She took just a few hours to make and was given to my darling little niece this past weekend when we visited. Kate was immediately taken by my niece to her crib and apparently that is the mark of acceptance by a two year old. I followed the pattern entirely except I used size 7 needles because I tend to knit a little loosely. The yarn I used was some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride that I had left over from other projects -- this is a great stashbuster! (The specific colors are Lemon Drop, Victorian Pink, and Coffee(?) ). Before her arms, legs, and ears were attached, Kate looked a bit like Mr. Peanut wearing a striped sweater:)

As we were away this past weekend, I did not get much knitting done. The final skein of yarn for the scarf I was knitting (where I had run out of yarn) showed up yesterday so I finished up that scarf last night (mistake rib is so easy and KnitPicks Decadence is so lovely). I'll post pictures soon.

The zipper for Eris arrived yesterday too. I'm readying myself mentally for my first zipper installation -- there is a good chance you'll see a picture of a completed, zippered Eris by the end of the week (no promises, though). The big top secret project I'm working on is stressing me a bit as it is not as far along as it should be with only 11 days until gifting time....Wish me luck!


Carol said...

I love "Kate the cat". I just printed that pattern because it's just soooooooo cute. I might have to make it for myself.

knit_chick said...

"Kate" came out cute. Glad to hear your niece took it to her crib. Good luck with finishing up Eris and your top secret project!

See you at GROUP tonight!

Elabeth said...

You're welcome for all the SP6 goodies! I love the cinnabon lip stuff too.
Your Katie Cat is super cute.

Kathy said...

What a super auntie you are. She is so lucky to have you.

Mothlady said...

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. You're right, I'm totally in love with Four Play yarn! And your Eris looks great, too :) Good luck with the zipper.

FuzzyDynamics said...

this cat should absolutely have it's own cartoon show. great job on her!!