Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Zipper Schmipper

I just finished putting the zipper into Eris. It is officially, 100% done. I'm not absolutely sure I love the cardigan, but I enjoyed knitting it. I'm afraid I look a little dumpy. Maybe it's the color. Maybe it's because I have this delusion that my torso is longer than most people's so I added approximately 3 extra inches to the length - That may have been a mistake. For those interested in technical details: I made size E which gave me a generous amount of ease (3 or so inches). I used KnitPicks Merino Style in Nutmeg. It took around 13 skeins (that's with the added torso length). Bottomline cost: $6 for the pattern, $30 for the yarn, and $5ish for the zipper. The pattern from GirlFromAuntie.com was so well written that I never felt lost and I am no longer fearful of the beautiful Rogue.

Ah, the final countdown...Am I referring to the cheesy 80's song? Not this time. No, I am referring to the end of the line for all those knitting projects that aspire to become holiday presents in 2005. I am officially finished. The list was trimmed slightly towards the end, but overall I was successful. The big top secret project was finished with a marathon knitting session on Sunday. I did end up having to knit in front of M, but he is not 100% sure what I was doing, so I will wait until after the holidays to post a pic. As for the 80,000,003 scarves I made, they are all either wrapped, drying, or not going to happen:)

I realized this week that I never took a photo of my ruffled scarf that I finished during Turkey time. (The pattern name is Ruffle Scarf (050). I love this scarf so much and wear it pretty much everyday. The alpaca sure keeps me warm. I've made 1 fingerless mitt to go with it, but I need to order a little more yarn to complete the pair.

So, I'm going to take a couple week hiatus from blogging, but I will return shortly after the holidays - with pictures of finished socks and a few other projects I will be knitting during the next couple weeks.

To wrap up my wonderful experience with Secret Pal Six I wanted to let you all know who has been spoiling me for the past few months. It was Elizabeth at www.elabeth.blogspot.com She did a fantastic job and I feel truly and happily pampered. I encourage everyone to check out her blog and say hello! (if you want to do the next secret pal, go to www.secretpalseven.blogspot.com -- the sign-up deadline is soon, so, if you're interested, don't dawdle).

And a final note....5 months non-smoking!

Happy Holidays to everyone and I'll see you in 2006!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kate the Cat

This is Kate the Cat from the latest Knitty online magazine. She took just a few hours to make and was given to my darling little niece this past weekend when we visited. Kate was immediately taken by my niece to her crib and apparently that is the mark of acceptance by a two year old. I followed the pattern entirely except I used size 7 needles because I tend to knit a little loosely. The yarn I used was some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride that I had left over from other projects -- this is a great stashbuster! (The specific colors are Lemon Drop, Victorian Pink, and Coffee(?) ). Before her arms, legs, and ears were attached, Kate looked a bit like Mr. Peanut wearing a striped sweater:)

As we were away this past weekend, I did not get much knitting done. The final skein of yarn for the scarf I was knitting (where I had run out of yarn) showed up yesterday so I finished up that scarf last night (mistake rib is so easy and KnitPicks Decadence is so lovely). I'll post pictures soon.

The zipper for Eris arrived yesterday too. I'm readying myself mentally for my first zipper installation -- there is a good chance you'll see a picture of a completed, zippered Eris by the end of the week (no promises, though). The big top secret project I'm working on is stressing me a bit as it is not as far along as it should be with only 11 days until gifting time....Wish me luck!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Nearing Completion

What's this? Eris has two sleeves? Yep! That's what I did this snowy weekend. Finished the second sleeve and wove in a bazillion ends. I have ordered a zipper and once that arrives I will then steel myself for the final step -- sewing a zipper (which I've never done before). I'm just so glad Eris is nearly done-- maybe I'll get to wear her for the holidays!

Here's a little picture of the lovely items my fantastic Secret Pal sent me shortly after Thanksgiving Day. Some delicious chocolate and some sock yarn that I've been wanting to try out! Thanks again, Secret Pal!