Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Everybody Loves a Quitter!

Within an hour of picking up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince M and I became non-smokers! So, even though David Sedaris may be disappointed (as he signed his book to us "nobody likes a quitter") we have made the plunge:) And we feel like crap:( But I know it will get better:) Or maybe it won't :( But we have lifted our ban on cookies (at least for a while) :) I like cookies -- maybe more than cigarettes:)

Well, as to Harry Potter -- wow! That book delivered! While, if I were forced to rank them all, it may not be my favorite book in the series, it is definitely in the top 3 -- so much new information to think about. I'm having trouble coping with some of the events in the book, but since I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't finished it yet, I'll leave it at that.

I cast on for my second Broadripple sock last night. With Harry Potter and feeling poopy from the no smokey treat thing I put off casting on for that second sock, but now it's on the needles and I'm over half way through the leg. I should be done with it in a couple more days and then I want to finally finish my Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf that I started last November! I think part of my hesitation on finishing that scarf is that I am using acrylic yarn. I have come to detest acrylic and love natural fibers....I keep thinking maybe I'll start over with some nice wool, but then I realize that I'm over halfway through....I know I can do it. Plus, I want to do another one in Ravenclaw colors using Lionbrand Glitterspun for the stripes -- snazzy!

Oh, totally forgot! I did get the job at Northwestern -- hooray! So, I leave my annoying present job next Tuesday and start my new job the week after-- yea! At some point I could go on and on and on in a post about all the things I dislike about my current job, but for the time being, I'll just say that this career move may save my sanity:)


Kathy said...


Laska and Kilby are so beautiful in their kitty bed. Enjoying your blog v.much. Great knitting photos.

Happy we met at Borders knit group. Is that what Jennifer is calling it? I think we need a name.

Kathy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the quitting. I know of some phenom. cookies I may have to bring to next borders. If you need strength prior, email me, I'll get you some. Carol's cookies. Awesome. I think they have a website. Northbrook based. oh my oh my your going to love them.