Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Feeling the Sway of the Ocean

So, we got back very late Sunday and much has happened, but no knitting! We had a terrific time in the BVI -- the sailing was great (except when our jib broke!) and the snorkeling was fantastic. I'm still swaying a bit from being on the boat for 9 days, but I'm sure it will fade in another day or so.

On Tuesday morning I got a call about a job I'd been pursuing at Northwestern U in M's department. It's not the most exciting job, but anything is better than what I'm doing now. So, they can't make the official offer until they talk to my current boss and co-worker for reference. Therefore, I had to give my two weeks notice yesterday without a guaranteed offer, but either way I feel great having an ending date for this job! As of July 27th I will be free! Even if Northwestern ends up flaking on me, I will be happy to work anywhere other than my present place of employment.

So, due to the swaying and the anxiety over job switching I have been neglecting my Broadripple sock, but I hope to finish it up tonight. I'll post some pics of the trip tonight, as well.

Oh, and I did overestimate my reading for the trip....I'm only 1/2-way through The Historian and did not touch any of the other books. By the end of each day on the trip I was just so tired....I need to get The Historian, Riptide, and Middlesex done ASAP since Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released Friday at midnight -- Yea! Harry Potter! For those that are interested, The Historian is very good so far -- very unique story-telling style. I'll write up a full review once I've finished....

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