Thursday, August 25, 2005


The Irish Hiking Scarf is Done!
The Irish Hiking Scarf is all knitted, washed, and blocked! The Brooks Farm Four Play softens up so nicely in a quick wash. I just hope the future recipient of this scarf loves it as much as I do. It was a pleasure to knit – both the pattern and the yarn were perfect. I will most certainly be using this pattern again, soon!

HP Ravenclaw Scarf

Yes. After nearly driving myself insane with my albatross-like Harry Potter POA Gryffindor scarf, I cast on for a Ravenclaw one. Yep. That’s right. Another humongous, never-ending, stockinette scarf. This one will also be done in acrylic (because I bought the yarn over a year ago!) -- Caron Simply Soft Dark Country Blue and Lion Brand Glitterspun in Bronze (so shiney!). I went back and forth on whether to do movie colors (blue and silver) or book colors (blue and bronze). I went with the book colors partly because I feel it is more authentic and partly because the Bronze Glitterspun is so purty. So far I’ve done one set of the trapped bars….only 13 more to go! This pattern is so great for mindless knitting and in the end you get a super authentic awesome neat-o scarf :) Oh, and this one will be for me. I am always sorted into Ravenclaw when I take those little sorting hat quizzes….

Easy Peasy Scarf
As for holiday knitting (only 4 months to go!), I am working on a cute scarf for a friend. I don’t believe she reads my blog (not sure if I even told her I have one), but just in case, I will not mention her name. I am using one hank of Brooks Farm Four Play in (I believe) Classy.
It’s a very simple pattern that they had used for some of their display scarves at Stitches. I love how it looks! What do you all think?

Knitting group
Tuesday night was knitting group night. I had a lovely time, as always. We had a couple new ladies join us (Carol and Kate – Hi!). Those of us that went to Stitches Midwest brought our treasures for a little show and tell. The ribbon yarn Claire got was simply amazing and Jen showed off her Lorna’s Laces (beautiful!). I did bring up that our group could use a nice simple name other than “group” :), but then we immediately went off on a tangent (I think I helped us go on a tangent…I’m bad that way). So, anyone out in cyberspace have any ideas for a name for our knitting group?

The sock that I must finish
Please leave a comment here and tell me I must finish the second sock of my latest pair. Tell me I may not start any of my loverly new sock patterns using my loverly new sock yarn until I finish the current (boring) pair. Please order me to finish it. The first sock is waiting so patiently for its mate, but I’m terrible, and I am keeping them apart. I must finish that sock! (I love comments – They make me feel warm and fuzzy!).

In non-knitting news, M and I decided to sell my car (our 2nd car) this week. We went to CarMax, had it appraised, got all the paperwork signed, and sold it. I’m a tiny little bit sad that my car is gone. M said our SUV is also my car, but it’s not my cute little green Saturn:( Good-bye, little Saturn, Good-bye.

Well, in exchange for my car, we did get a little money (once my car loan was paid off). So, we started brain-storming….what to do with the money? We first seriously considered a weekend trip for our up-coming anniversary, but then realized it was silly to spend so much on a 2 day trip. Then we thought about just doing some serious shopping, but then realized it was a little silly to squander a nice windfall on clothes and shoes. So, at this point, we’ve decided to replace our couches (that we hate).

We started looking at furniture last night and we did find one couch we love. The only problem is the colors it comes in: yellow, lime green, and red. Yellow is out because of cat fur. As for green, we presently have green couches, so we would like to get away from that. Red-- we love the red. The problem is that our living room is a goldy brown color (does NOT go with red well) and our adjacent dining room/study is red.

The red room used to be our living room – do we flip back to that? Is it weird to have a red couch in a red room? Yes. I think it is. Is it weird to have a red couch in a golden room next to a red room? Yes. I think it is. Do I love this couch enough to forget all that? Yes! And tonight M and I picked out the red couch and an awesome squishy red chair....we have to wait until October 15th to get them:( I want them now...

Oh, M made a knitting funny last night! I was mentioning that since we were going from a couch and love seat to just a couch I would like to get a big comfy chair or chaise lounge kind of thing too. I was having no luck finding one online and M slyly says, “Why don’t you just knit a chaise?” Hmmmm, there’s an idea! What do you think? Debbie Bliss Cashmerino superchunky? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Alyssa,

I love the Irish Hiking Scarf...I got the pattern and it's next on my list with the Brooks Farm's just yummy!

You MUST finish those socks. They're wonderful. All right you've been told, now get busy. No more new socks until those are done.

I just ordered color cards from Knit Picks and of course some sock yarn too!

I think "Words, Wool and Wit" is a great name for our "group". I'll work on some more names by the time we meet again.


Kathy said...


Please bring the Hiking Scarf to our next Borders for me. I need to see it before I decide on a gift for my mom. If you remember, I'd love it.

About those socks. Since I CANNOT buy that yarn anymore.......I will be less jealous knowing its not just sitting unfinished. ITs the geranium isnt it? It is your duty to finish with such a coveted yarn in your possession. But I;m not into shame so why dont you just frog it and sell me the yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats a color card?

BOrders group name idea:still thinking......something short. something sassy. Something savvy. something....intelligent.!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the sock needs to be forever untite with it's mate and I expect to see tham at the next group meeting! I too am working on a catchy name for us. I think we should pull this off by the end of Sept. and then can all buy more yarn to celebrate!

Lynn said...

Actually, browns and red are a hot new decorating combo so you are right in there. Red couches are also the most popular color now. Just see how trendy and fasionable you are! If you find a few print pillows, or even knit some, in golds and creams, they will tie the walls and couch together. A patterned throw rug would do it too., Make it look like you meant it to be that way and it will look great,

Anna said...

Finish the sock! Don't be a one sock wonder! :-D