Tuesday, August 30, 2005

you spin me round round

These wonders arrived in my life on Friday. The following is the product of only an hour or so of mesmerizing spinning and winding....

How on earth did I survive without these wonderful and adorable yarn balls! Everything from Malabrigo to lace weight becomes perfectly stackable, center-pull balls. I love my swift and ball winder. Love.

M and I saw Brothers Grimm Friday night-- if you love Terry Gilliam movies, you'll enjoy it! Then, on Saturday, we celebrated M's birthday by going shopping downtown and then went out for some awesome sushi. Afterwards we stopped at Ethel's Chocolate Lounge and picked up some chocolates for dessert....they were delicious! (my favorites were the mocha truffle and the orange chocolate....mmmmm, chocolate.....)

So, I just started my very first toe-up sock! I'm using a free pattern I found at www.elann.com. The beginning was a little rough, but I'm definitely in the swing of things now. I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Grays Corner on Size 1's. We'll see how it goes once I do my first short row heel (yikes!).

Of course, since I started a new sock it must mean I've finally finished my geranium socks -- I did it! Thank you to everyone who commented and told me to finish. The socks are very happy together and are looking forward to many long cold winters. (They are the same length...I'm just a terrible photographer).
This is a gratuitous display of kitty cuteness.... Kilby loves boxes. Somehow she got her ample body into this little box without knocking it over. I love my amazing Kilby!

Smober Update: Still not smoking after 45 days!

Couch Countdown: 46 days until delivery....we're thinking about painting the living room....gold walls and red couches do not mix....chocolatey brown walls and red couches do....


Carol from we really need a name group said...

Hi Alyssa,

Don't you just love the swift and winder??? I'm a spinner too and have had those tools for while...it's a riot to watch the cat run around the table trying to catch a loose end off the swift.

Kilby is just a doll! Did she get out of the box without knocking it over?

The chocolates look divine....I can't wait for Ethel's to open in Old Orchard because orange and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations.

Please report in about how the toe-up sock is going at our next "group".

Chicago Jen said...

Hey Lyssa Lady!!

You know let's take a vote on a new name at our next "Group". I'm sooooo jealous of your swift! Can I come over and share it sometime?? You know, once we know eachother a little better??? Maybe? I've got the swift on my Christmas list so we'll just have to see what happens! Your kitty really adorable!

Jen in Chicago