Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm Here Today, But I'll Be Gone Tomorrow

As the title to this entry indicates....I'm here now, but we leave for vacation tomorrow. Oh, I can not wait to spend over one week away from my job! I'll miss the kitties, but it's healthy to get away every now and again, right? :) Well, on to my finished projects:

My two Soleils (pattern from ). The blue one I made a few months ago with the recommended yarn (Endless Summer Sonata from and the green one I just finished. It is made with Shine (, grass color). I preferred working with Shine on this one. It didn't tear at my hands as much as the Endless Summer did. Yea! Soleil! My only dislike of this pattern is how wide the straps are...they have a bit of a tendency to stick out a little at the shoulders. If I were to do this again (which I doubt, two is probably enough) I would decrease more on the straps. I did add a second row of crochet on the green one's arms and it looks very neat.

Here is the finished pair of Dublin Bay socks. I absolutely loved this pattern (which can be found on the left hand column of the following site: ). I can't wait until winter to wear these (I also can't wait for the temperature to fall below 90!).

Here's a bit of a close up of the detail on the Dublin Bay socks. The stripes on this yarn detract a little bit from the pattern, but in person you can clearly see the lacey part. I think I'll be making quite of few more Dublin Bay socks. (for the pattern just search online for "dublin bay socks"). (I used KnitPicks Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily on size 1's).

This is what I'm working on right now. It is my first Broadripple sock (pattern from ). I'm using KnitPicks Sock Garden in Daffodil on size 3's. After using size 1's exclusively for the Dublin Bay socks, these 3's feel massive! I really like how this pattern is working up. I'm not always one for lacey socks, but these are just so cute:) I am such a big fan of this sock yarn too. So soft and works up so nicely. The colors are vibrant and fun. I'm hoping to get this first sock finished tonight since we leave for vacation tomorrow!

And here is a gratuitous book picture. This is the reading I have planned for my vacation to the British Virgin Islands. M thinks I am taking way too many books, but I simply explained to him that we have the plane trips down and back as well as a full week on the boat. Of course I need 4 books:) So, the final winners of "what books am I taking on my trip" are: The Historian by Kostova, The Beach by Garland, Meg:Primal Waters by Alten, and Knit One, Kill Two by Sefton. I figured I had to take Meg and The Beach since they are ocean/island books and that's where I'll be:)

I finished up the last Harry Potter during last week. I want the new one now!!!!! At least being on vacation should take my mind off the fact that we still have 15 1/2 days until the release (I'm such a geek, I have a countdown on my desktop:) ). I'm now reading Riptide by Preston & Child. It's just a silly thriller, but I'm about halfway through and I'm really enjoying it. I purposely picked a quick easy read because I was hoping to finish it just in time for the trip, but it looks like I may not make it. Oh well, it will have to wait quietly at home for me. M was wondering why I couldn't just take it with me, so I had to explain that taking a half-read book is a waste of space. That you should only take books that you start on the trip. Sheesh -- he's silly:)

Friday, June 17, 2005


Hello! I am already falling behind in my blogging -- I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted last.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their comments about my Lucky Clover wrap. I love her so much! It was such a fun pattern and I learned a lot.

Secondly, someone asked what kind of yarn I used for my Space Invaders scarf -- I used Caron Simply Soft. I think if I were to do it again I would use a wool yarn just so I could block it better.

So, I've been busy this past week. I started and finished a Shapely Tank in Knitpicks Shine Twist Romance. I absolutely love this tank! (I'll take a photo soon). It fits so well and was a very easy knit. The only thing that was a little difficult was picking up the stitches at the neck and arms to do the border, but it looks so great when done that it is worth it. This pattern may go on the sequel list....

As to sequels, I have started a second Soleil. I made the first one out of the recommended yarn in a light blue. I really like it so I decided to make another with Knitpicks Shine in Grass (I swear I sound like I have stock in Knitpicks or something:) I'm at the waist decreases now, so another few determined knitting days and she should be finished!

The weather here in Illinois has been gorgeous lately and it definitely makes me want to sit next to an open window, feel a cool breeze, and knit:)

I'm nearing the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I'm so anxious that I still have to wait 4 more weeks until the next one! Ugh -- it will be hard to wait, but thankfully we are going on a sailing trip the first week of July so that should take my mind off of it:) We are going to spend one fabulous week on a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands with my in-laws -- it's going to be so great! We went a few years ago, but the weather wasn't the best, but this year I'm sure we'll have gorgeous, hot, sunny days.

I picked out my books for the trip already....I'm going to take The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and Knit One Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. I may take another book....just not sure which one yet (Perhaps The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory). There's nothing better than sitting on a sailboat in the middle of the water surrounded by beautiful islands reading a good book:)

Last night we went out with M's lab group to a really fantastic restaurant -- Calo -- in Chicago. It's a wonderful Italian place -- great atmosphere, great food -- we had a very nice time. Tonight I think we'll go see the new Batman (I love Christian Bale) -- I'm sure it will be great!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

3 Months Of Finished Projects!

My Lucky Clover Wrap blocking on my awesome blocking board M got me for my birthday.

Over-exposed close-up of the lace pattern -- so pretty:)

Me, happily wearing my Lucky Clover Wrap -- I used Rowan 4 ply Cotton in a discontinued color (Fandango) and size 2 needles! I really enjoyed knitting this....

My very first pair of socks. I used Knitpicks Simple Stripes in Snapdragon and the pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I freely admit that I am officially a sock addict now -- yea! Socks!

My Dublin Bay Sock -- this was taken last night, but a little while later it was done! ....

And here's the finished Dublin Bay Sock -- I used Knitpicks Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily on size 1's -- I love this yarn and sock -- so soft!!!!!

Here is the failed striped hat made with Knitpicks Shine in various colors. It is just too big. Even Papa Smurf is sad :(

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday, Monday

So, Monday again, already! Why oh why do weekends go by so fast? Got a lot of knitting done this weekend, but no pics yet....hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Friday night M (hubby) and I went to the local Barnes and Noble to hear David Sedaris read and get his autograph. I love him! He read a fable that we had just heard on NPR's This American Life (but hearing it live was even better) and then he read a story that will be in the New Yorker next week. We then waited for over 2 hours (are we groupies, now?) to get him to sign our books....we got up there and we are chatting with him....he asks if we smoke....we say yes, but we are thinking about quitting, so in one book he wrote "nobody likes a quitter" and in the other he drew a cigarette -- yea! Then he asked if we wanted to run outside with him and smoke -- of course we did -- yea! Very cool night. I am so glad we got to meet him. He is one of the funniest men alive. If you haven't yet, be sure to read (or even better, listen to) one of his books -- Me Talk Pretty One Day is hilarious!

So, as I joked to M as we waited in line for David Sedaris, that cut into my knitting time. I made up for it on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I finished my Fiery Bolero and I love it! I'll be sure to post a pic soon. I haven't blocked it yet, but it really doesn't need it.

Then I made a hat for M....he's been wanting a "summer hat" in various colors....stripey. I have no idea what he wants exactly, but I ordered various colors of Shine from Knitpicks, we went to the random stripe generator at and voila! a pattern was born. Unfortunately, hours later as I triumphantly placed the hat on his head, I learned that when one makes a hat, one should make it smaller than the head:( Oh no! It was at least 3 or 4 inches too big! As it looks very cool (cooler than I expected) I will post a pic soon, but now I have to make. the. same. hat. all. over. again. :(

Then I started on a pair of socks in Star Gazer Lily Sock Garden from Knitpicks. I'm using the Dublin Bay sock pattern, found somewhere online. I really love it. I just knit and knit and knit yesterday while watching last year's season of the 4400 on USA in preparation for the premiere of the new season last night. That show is so entertaining!

As for reading, plowing through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I went ahead and pre-ordered Half-Blood Prince at Barnes and Noble while we were there on Friday night because they let you come in at midnight on July 15th to pick up the book -- which is a full 12 hours before I would get it from Amazon. Hooray! (I think M thinks I'm crazy, even though I know he is looking forward to the book as much I am:) )

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Here is my siamese baby, Laska, and Kilby enjoying the first Kitty Pi bed I knitted....they loved it so much, I made another one....but since I have three cats, I'll probably need to make a third! Posted by Hello

This is a baby blanket I crocheted for some friends' baby -- their baby sleeps on it every night! Posted by Hello

This is one of my kitties, Kilby, she loves my yarn and did this to herself..... Posted by Hello

Another view of the lovely scarf..... Posted by Hello

Space Invader Scarf I made for my Hubby for Christmas 2004 -- this thing took forever, but he loves it:) Posted by Hello

Clapotis from Knitty -- yarn is from (Sealing Wax) right before they ran out of merino -- I love this yarn and this shawl (and I'm not normally a shawl wearer). I made another one for my Grammy in the Cuarzo colorway -- no pic though.... Posted by Hello

The aliens of the alien illusion..... Posted by Hello

Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch 'N Bitch -- really cool knit -- made for Hubby -- may make another someday.... Posted by Hello

Knit winter 2004/2005 -- Big Sack Sweater from Stitch 'N Bitch -- Rowanspun Chunky -- Made a few inches longer and added ribbing to cuffs and hem -- came out a bit too big, but it was my first adult sized sweater and I love it:) Posted by Hello


Hello Internet World --
This is my first post to my new blog! I'm not quite sure why I need/want a blog, but now I have one. I thought this would be a fun place to write about day to day happenings as well as books I'm currently reading and projects I'm presently knitting. Once I figure out how to get pics on here, I'll be sure to add a lot of finished knitting items from the past....

Currently I am finishing up the Fiery Bolero from the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits. I am using the Debbie Bliss Cathay in a gorgeous teal color. I also have a never-ending Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban scarf on the needles, too. What will I do next? Well, I'm sure socks are in my future. I completed my very first pair a few weeks ago and now have in my possession enough sock yarn to make tons more.

As for books, I am in the process right now of re-reading all of the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the release of the sixth book in July. I'm really enjoying reading them again and I have just started the fifth book -- Order of the Phoenix. I am also in the middle of Middlesex by Eugenides. It is a very good read. Well written and unique.

Ok, that's all for now, but I will try to get some pics on here soon.