Friday, November 03, 2006


I'm a self-indulgent creature. I have very little self-control when it comes to shopping or eating, hence the large yarn stash and the large Alyssa:) I often give myself incentives to finish tasks I don't like. Usually, since I enjoy knitting, I don't have to give myself too large of an incentive other than "finish something and you get to cast on for a new project" or "finish some socks, buy more sock yarn." Currently it's finish the Dragonfly socks so that you can cast on with that new Pink Granite Socks that Rock!

With my health I find the need to bribe myself with large tangible rewards to get me to make positive changes. When it comes to losing weight the motivation part is easy. I lose weight, I get to buy more clothes (I like clothes shopping). But being healthy is more than losing excess weight. I have to exercise. Good for the heart and body. I hate (HATE!) working out. Therefore, I had to create a system of rewards.

The first prize is tiny. Every time I complete a scheduled workout I have Matt award me a sticker for that day (This is definitely a throw back to when stickers were the common reward for doing well at school. Hmmm, I went from being an A+ student to a slacker in the short time between getting stickers on tests and not getting them. Coincidence?)

The next phase of the plan is that for every two week period where I stick to my workout schedule I get a little reward like going to a movie and getting a small popcorn or Matt will buy me flowers, etc. You get the idea.

So the final step in forcing me encouraging me to workout (which I'm not sure I mentioned before, but I HATE TO WORKOUT!!!!) is to come up with a large enough incentive that I will not miss any workouts for a month. You know what that could be? This glorious bag. It's an Offhand Designs Zelda Tote in Forest Stripe. It's been living in the box it came in and there it will stay until November 21st which will be the completion of a four week period wherein my goal is to not skip any of my 20 scheduled workouts. I want that bag so badly (i hate working out).

What motivates you in life or knitting?


Lynae said...

Yeah, I hate working out also....but when I found out that an hour for me on the eliptical is equivalent of 700 calories...that is some huge motivation too!

I want a new ski coat....but won't buy one in this size.

Kelly said...

Wow, your sticker idea is so cute! I love it!

I motivate myself to work out by not thinking about it. I just do it. I run in the mornings and half the time I'm running before I'm officially "up." It helps!

The dragonfly socks are lookin' good!

aija said...

I'm so loving that pink granite str that's been showing up on blogs & taunting me lately :)

My big motivator for knitting lately has been knitting for others-- for me, I don't really "need" new pairs of socks relative to the fun of starting a new pair or project, but knitting for someone else really has lit a fire under me for getting projects completed.

I've been using the "little" steps in knitting too... finish a square of my afghan, knit on a sock. :)

Liz said...

I am no expert, but I think you need to keep trying different things until you find something you like and want to do. It took me a long time to figure out I like walking and yoga, and even then sometimes I have to force myself to go. But I love your "motivation" program.

Elysbeth said...

Love the whole motivation thing. Remember Gold Stars? You will really enjoy your Zelda. I bit the bullet, bought one and not only do I enjoy it but I have no guilt over it either.

I second Liz's comment. Perhaps you need to switch it up, or change it around a little until you find the exercise that feeds your body instead of being a "healthy punishment".