Monday, November 13, 2006

Socks and Violets

Marble Arches

Pattern: Marble Arches from the October Rockin' Sock Club, medium size
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Pink Granite mediumweight (Rockin' Sock Club color)
Needles/Gauge: KnitPicks dpns size 1, approx. 8 stitches/inch
Start Date: November 6, 2006
End Date: November 10, 2006
Comments: So I knew I knit these quickly, but until I was typing out my start and end dates I didn't realize how quickly. Yowza! I guess it's just further proof that I am absolutely smitten with Socks that Rock (STR). I simply can't put the needles down when I'm knitting with this stuff. I love the density of the yarn and the soft and smooth fabric it creates. And the colors? Love the colors! Yea!
These socks also mark the first time I've used one of the Rockin' Sock Club patterns. So far I haven't been too keen on any of them, but this one is a big winner. I will definitely be using it again. Possibly in a few weeks with some more STR that just arrived at my house:)
(Oh, and someone asked me where I got my sock blockers - found them on ebay, of course! Just go here and check them out. I really think they are great.)

Here's a little picture of my latest Socks that Rock acquisitions. On the left are two Nodding Violets (lightweight) for my knee socks, then we have a mediumweight Downpour and a lightweight Jingle Bell Rock.

Since the Marble Arches socks were all done, I was able to cast on for my long desired Knee Socks in Socks that Rock lightweight Nodding Violets. I'm using the pattern found here. Jen has is almost finished with a pair using this pattern and they look amazing (Jen - please post a picture of your rockin' knee socks)! So far, so good. The lightweight goes a bit slower than the mediumweight, but it's creating a lovely fabric. The colors are even more beautiful knit up. Hands down, these are my favorite colors. I cannot wait to wear them! (Not sure if I'll wear them with a skirt or not...Am I that brave?)

(The colors of this yarn go from a very dark emerald green to an intense purple. I could not get my camera to behave this morning and this is the best I could do. )


Becky said...

Your socks look great. Now I am going to have to get some of the Jingle Bell Rock!!

Kim in Oregon said...

Huh. I was on the phone last Friday with my new STR crack dealer (found a new yarn shop that stocks it) looking for smokey topaz. She had two skeins...and she said "I also have this other yarn in similar colors that you might like." She described it to me and I said "throw it in the bag wtih the others!"

The yarn? Downpour.

Chicago Jen said...

Ooh, soo pretty! I LOVE your pink granite socks and the Nodding Viloets are georgeous, too! My camera cable is at work so my pics will have to wait until tomorrow but I'm finished and feeling much better today than when we spoke last night.

Connie said...

Those Pink Granite socks are to die for! Amazing!

Deborah said...

Your Marble Arches socks are so gorgeous! I now really want to start mine!! Also great pictures.

aija said...

The pink granite socks are wonderful! My goodness... your start & finish dates make me want to start a pair of str's for myself :)

Ava said...

Love your marble arches! I just started mine (shame!) I struggling with the heels - they have holes and I will probably frog them and start over. May I ask where you got your needle holders?