Monday, March 19, 2007

Rich Tapestry

Tapestry Scarf

Pattern: The scarf pattern the Yarn Harlot had on her blog
Yarn: Rowan Tapestry in Pot Pourri
Needles: KnitPicks options, size 5
Start Date: November 21, 2006
End Date: March 17, 2007
Comments: This scarf was born of the desire to do something with the (at the time) new Rowan Tapestry yarn. This yarn has soft color shift similar to Noro Kureyon and is a blend of wool and soy. The yarn has an overall interesting texture that is difficult to describe. Probably the best way would be that it feels fibrous. Once knit, this scarf has fantastic drape and sheen. I cast on 42 in order to produce a nice wide scarf and I believe I knit 4 balls, but I have to double check on that. Maybe it was only three...I've been knitting on this scarf off and on for so long I can't remember. The only drawback to the yarn is that it is a tad splitty. Granted, I was using my very sharp Knit Picks Options needles, but even with a blunter point I think this yarn would still be a little aggravating. Overall, I really enjoyed using this yarn and the pattern was super simple. The warm, but light fabric the Tapestry creates, the excellent colors, and the lovely drape more than make up for the splittiness. This scarf also receives the award for longest time to knit a scarf ever. (I think I can hear my knitting Group cheering! They've been watching me knit this thing forever).

I also finished the first Yarntini Project Runway sock! (Blurry picture due to Monday morning camera ineptitude). This sock was so much fun to knit. I love the color combination and the solid toe, heel, and cuff. I used the magic cast on from Knitty and a peasant heel. Now that the tapestry scarf is done I think I'll bring the second Project Runway sock to knit at Group this week. It's perfect easy knitting.

Thermal did receive some attention, but the progress isn't really interesting enough to take a picture. I'm working on the back section right now. It's moving along faster than before, but that really just means I went from the speed of a glacier to the speed of a snail. :)

I'm feeling better regarding Kilby. I spent the weekend cuddling with the other two cats, Laska and Nemo, and that picked up my spirits quite a bit. I do continually remember little things about her, but it's getting easier to think about them. Thanks again for all the kind words.


claire said...

Yippeee! The scarf is finally done. I can't wait to see it Wednesday.

mle said...

Yay for finishing the's a good feeling isn't it! I do love the Tapestry colors. Good to know that it's a tad splitty.
I LOVE that project runway sock!

Drin said...

I will miss seeing the scarf at Group! It really is beautiful - the stitch pattern compliments the yarn nicely.

Stephanie said...

Did you use a specific pattern for the sock? It looks really good! I'm assuming that was Yarntini yarn - do you remember what the color was called? I really like the wide stripes.

Kathy said...

Been thinking of you and kitties. How are they doing without Kilby?