Monday, March 12, 2007


I won! I won! Lori over at Yarn Beans had a little blog contest and I won a skein of Socks that Rock! I never win blog contests so I was so excited when she let me know. It's in the Little Bunny Foo Foo color and lightweight. I love it! Thank you so much, Lori!
Yesterday I finally got to the point in Thermal where something happened; I made it to the neck placket. Hooray! Tonight I will divide for the arms. Exciting, huh? :) I'm very happy with the sweater so far and can't wait to finish, but I still have a lot to knit...the upper back, the two front sections, the two arms, and then the collar. Phew!

I always feel like I should apologize for crappy dark photos. This time I'm blaming a rainy morning and the time change. Yeah, that's it. It's the time change's fault.

In super happy critter news, Kilby, our loving kitty, is officially off of insulin! Her diabetes is in remission! I think this happy day has come because we switched her to wet food earlier last week.

After a lot of research online I came to find out how unhealthy dry cat food is to our furry friends and it turns out many vets think it is the sole cause of feline diabetes. All along I never thought there was much of a difference between wet and dry cat foods, but turns out that dry food is very high in carbs unlike wet food. Cats don't need all those carbs. They need protein. If you have a cat, I hope you consider switching to wet food. It will not only help keep them healthy, but it will keep them better hydrated too therefore helping to prevent the dreaded urinary tract infection.

And be sure to take a look at Eunny's blog today. She's got some big news.


Lynae said...

I got my Little bunny Foo Foo this weekend too....and of course joined that "other" sock club.

Eunny's news is FABULOUS!

I thought it was supposed to be sunny today?

mle said...

Such a pretty STR color!
That is really great news for Eunny!

Drin said...

Nice score on the STR, very cute color and Thermal's lookin' good! Also, glad to hear the cat's doing better.

Liz said...

I love little bunny foo foo, so cute. It seems like that cat food thing is a horrible conspiracy, why do they still sell dry food if it's so bad for them? When I was growing up our cat had a urinary tract infection & needed an expensive operation. In order to get my dad to pay for it, we agreed to give up our expensive Christmas presents; from then on we called our cat, Spooky, the Grinch, since he stole our Christmas:)