Monday, December 18, 2006

Rockin' Around

Quick, non-knitting report: At around 5:30am on Saturday morning I woke up with the worst searing pain. No matter which way I turned my neck it was intensely painful. Even putting my head on the pillow hurt! Geez! Since then it has slowly gotten better, but man, it hurts! No idea what I did, but we figured I must have pinched a nerve at some point. Ugh! What a way to spend a weekend. :(

As you can imagine, very little knitting happened over the last few days. I only today felt I could pick up the needles, but even then it was just to finish the toe to the first Socks that Rocks Philosopher's Stone sock. I'm going to take it easy on the knitting for a while until my neck is back to normal. I really like how this sock turned out. I used the garter rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. The lightweight Socks that Rock knit up into a very nice, dense fabric and I just love the combination of colors. Now, to cast on for sock number 2...

In happy cheery news I received the final 2006 Rockin' Sock Club kit today (I'm staying home from work due to the neck pain). The kit included two colors! On the left is Rare Gems in mediumweight. Rare Gems is created when there are dying mistakes. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous mistake? On the right is the official December color - Mustang Sally in lightweight! I absolutely love both of these. The pattern for Mustang Sally is very pretty, but it involves beads...not sure about the beads...The color reminds me of another Blue Moon Fiber Arts color - Cherries Jubilee (I used that color in their cotton sock yarn, Sock Candy this summer). I just love the intense pinky reds. Yea!

So, not sure what knitting will happen in the next few days. Kind of depends on the whole stupid neck thing. Ugh.

Good news is that I did finish Durrow on Friday (I have a feeling the hours of finishing may be what killed my neck). More details on the sweater once it is gifted to the recipient next week. :)


Kim in Oregon said...

A--so sorry to hear about your neck. Do you have one of those terry cloth bags of rice? Or a hot water bottle? Anything to keep it warm and get those muscles to relax? Scotch??

Feel better!

Kris said...

Not sure if the sore neck thing is catchy but I sure got a good dose for my weekend too.

Socks looking fabulous! and I wish all my mistakes looked that good;)

Lynae said...

Ooooo, I have SO been there. I finished the scarf for the teachers...but everything else has been put on hold due to severe carpal tunnel pain in the left wrist....(yes, it got worse).

See you Wednesday?

Isobel said...

Alyssa - I woke up one day at the begining of the summer with neck pain, it travelled into the muscles on my right arm, over the course of a few weeks it developed into pins and needles and numbness. I spent most of the summer not knitting but at physical therapy 3x a week, then 2x and finally in September down to 1x a week. I have exercises I do 3x a day - please do not hesitate to see your doctor. I felt at first it would go away, I never expected it to get worse. I feel so much better now, but this will be something I will live with for the rest of my life. (I could not knit or be on the computer for several months - it's a work in progress).
Please take care.

Becky said...

Your skein is different than mine - so far I have not seen two alike, but I like all that I see!

mle said...

Oh, that really stinks! especially since you don't really know what caused it! I hope it's all better soon!!
Gorgeous yarn!!

Kathy said...

Feel better soon.

Love your sock yarn colors.

Kathy said...

Feel better. Your sock yarns are beautiful. Merry Christmas