Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowy Day, Misty Garden

How perfect to wake up on the first day of December to a beautiful snowy world! I couldn't resist a picture of the Misty Garden scarf I just started with the snow in the background. Kilby had to be involved too. :)

So, November was busy with trying to balance workout time with knitting time, but I
think I've got the hang of it now. Most of my November goals were met (just need to finish up a couple scarves for myself, no rush) so now it's on to December in which I will try to knit some for others (and me!).

December Goals:
1) Misty Garden Scarf x2 (one for me or someone else and one definitely for someone else)
2) Stocking (for someone else)
3) Cedar Bark Socks in Sunshine Yarns Hungarian Horntail Dragon (for someone else)
4) Jingle Bell Rock Isosceles Socks (mine, all mine)
5) Interlocking Balloons Scarf (for someone else)
6) 2x2 Rib Pure Fall Socks - started in November (me me me)

The Yarntini Pure Fall socks are moving along. As you know, I started them in November, so no matter what, I'm ahead of schedule. :) I plan on using the toe-up he
el flap instructions in Sensational Knitted Socks and if it works it will open up a whole new world of toe-up socks! I'll be done with the first heel soon. I may put off knitting the second sock for a little while to work on holiday gifts, but I don't know. I hate not finishing a pair...

The other night I cast on for one of the Misty Garden Scarves (that's the picture at the top of this entry) and it's really knitting up quickly. I'm using Artful Yarns Portrait in Fazio's Mistress. So far so good! This one's a gift and I really hope the recipient likes the colors. (The close-up is a pretty good representation of the color - a variety of shades of pink as well as a hint of orange).

This weekend I plan on working on my Rowan Tapestry Yarn Harlot Scarf. I haven't made too much progress so no picture today. Saturday night we'll be at the opera, but other than that I'll be knitting all weekend. :)

What's everyone else going to do this weekend?


Lynae said...

Yeah, the world was beautiful from my front window....not so from the window of my SUV travelling on the expressway at a whopping 7 mph!

I cannot believe I actually came in to work today!

mle said...

That snow is beautiful! and so is your scarf! I really love those colors.

Kim in Oregon said...

Is that scarf from Scarf Style? I might have to make me that one.

I guess you got the tail end of our snowstorm ;-).

This weekend I'll be working on my black cabernet ribs and weaving in ends and weaving in ends and weaving in ends.

Liz said...

Our yard is a winter wonderland too, as I was walking to work yesterday, I have to admit I was singing "Let it snow!" in my head. I am so awestruck by knowing that you will complete all of those things in time for Christmas, as I know you will. I'm just hoping to finish a hat and a scarf for Christmas!