Thursday, April 06, 2006

April Goals

Every month I have a list of knitting goals that I attempt to accomplish. I'm a little Type A...I also have lists of every skein of yarn I own, what pattern I will use with each skein of sock yarn in my stash, what projects I will knit each month and on and on...I like lists:).

On my list for April I have the following:
1) Orangina (started)
2) Picovoli
3) Trekking #126 socks (started) and more socks after that...
4) Winter Works in Progress (WIPs) (My so-called scarf, trinket, misc. fingerless glove)

So, on to the progress...
Here's Orangina as of this morning. I've completed the front lace section and started the back. I call it front and back, but they are really interchangeable. Once I knit up the second lace part I will join the two panels together and knit the waist in the round. It's a pretty neat construction. I'm hoping to have this project all finished by the end of this coming weekend, but as I'm always getting distracted by my sock knitting I can't be sure:)

Speaking of socks, here is the completed sock #1 of my Trekking XXL #126 socks. Plain sock pattern (my own formula) with a picot edge on the cuff. For the picot I used the guidelines in Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns (what a great book!). I cast on for sock #2 last night, but it was late and I only knit a few rows. I really love the patterning on this sock yarn. It's knitting up a bit scratchy, but I'm hoping that it's like Opal sock yarn and it will wash up to super softness.


Kim in Oregon said...

Gorgeous. Picot edges are a foreign language to me though.

Karin said...

I can't wait to see Orangina on you! I have been wanting to make it as well.

Lynae said...

LOVE the sock.

Pretty please bring it to group.

I purchased some Trekking in Colorado, but so far have been a bit sidetracked from knitting by a certain book. I plan on finishing said book tonight to get back to what is REALLY important.

Whatcha gonna wear under that Orangina?

Chicago Jen said...

Oh, Lys, sooo pretty is Orangina!! You must be so proud! I love seeing pretty things appear off your needles (and mine, too)!

Mothlady said...

Orangina looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see it finished! And I like lists, too ;)

HomeJewel said...

Great sock - love the picot edge. I definitely concur with you on Ann Budd's book - it's a great one! Nice blog :)