Friday, April 21, 2006


This post was supposed to be about my finished Picovoli, but it is not done drying (and I think I might need to steam block the picot edge) so instead I am posting about the scarf I am trying to finish. It's an unfinished project from when it was cold and snowy. It is very difficult to work on now that it is warm and sunny, but it has been hovering in my living room for too long. I shall finish this scarf. I love the effect of the stitch. The texture and color of the Malabrigo (color Little Lovely) is wonderful. I hope tonight I finish it and then I can remove it from my living room (and blog sidebar!).

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Karin said...

I too found that the picot edging (particularly around the sleeves) does not want to stay flat. I think I am going to sew something in there to help it out.

And I forgot to respond--but thanks for the offer for the yarn, but I shall pass as the sweater I just unraveled is fingering cotton in the same color area--I'm making Lucky with it.