Friday, April 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 30th birthday - time flies:) So, I will indulge in a little non-knitting musing...

I started to get nervous about being 30 during the past year. Before then I had always been one of those people that firmly believed getting upset about being a certain age or espousing the virtue of any particular age range was just silly. Then I started my last year of my 20's. I had younger friends asking if I was freaked about turning 30 and older friends declaring that their 30's have been their best years. I thought about all I have not accomplished - I don't have a career, I don't own a house, I don't have any children, etc. Now, as the actual day has arrived I realize I was working myself up simply because, it seems, that is what is expected of a person turning 30.

Instead of being concerned about things that have not happened yet, today I am celebrating all of the things I have accomplished in the past 30 years - here's just a sampling in no particular order:

  • Married M (how can I ever be unhappy with my life when I have my husband at my side?)
  • I made it through grade school, high school (that was a close one), college, and law school.
  • Developed wonderful friendships with numerous family members and other people in my life.
  • Had/have numerous pets that have made my life better.
  • Visited some other countries (Colombia, Germany, & the BVI to name a few).
  • Read some wonderful books.
  • Knit knit knit.
  • Voted in every election I could since I was 18.
  • Passed the Bar Exam.
  • Laughed daily.

I look forward to the future. I am hopeful that it will hold many exciting and new developments. If nothing more, I'm sure it will offer me time to be with those that I love, read a few good books, and knit away.

And, if you remember, as part of my FEAP (fiber enhancement alleviation program) I allowed an exception that I could buy some yarn for my birthday - Here it is: Chocolate Cherry...Mmmmm:)

(Claudia Hand Painted in Chocolate Cherry)


Karin said...

Have a great birthday! I had no idea you were a lawyer--how cool! I always thought that would be a neat job.

Kathy said...


Happy 30th you youngin! You do have a wonderful life. I love the chocolate cherry! Great choice. What will you knit up using it?

I love birthdays. Great weather for yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear Alyssaaaaa!!! Happy Birthday to you! (and many more!)

Congrats on joining the ranks of the 30 somethings!

Beautiful yarn too... :) mmmm... yarn.

Kim in Oregon said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!! Happy 30th! And 30 more!

I'm glad you're a fellow taurus (my birthday is Sunday) (but I don't think I'm getting any gorgeous yarn like that).

knit chick said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy 30th birthday, Alyssa!

Welcome to our 30-something world!

JessaLu said...

Happy 30th!

Lynae said...


You are just a baby!

Who cares what you haven't there a master list somewhere?

Enjoy and have some sushi!