Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Goals

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I had a lovely day and received many wonderful cards and presents from family and friends.

So here we are in May 2006! As I posted about last month, I keep a list of knitting goals for each month. Taking a look at last month's goals, I did pretty well...

1) Orangina DONE
2) Picovoli DONE
3) Trekking #126 socks (started) and more socks after that (Satellite of Love Dublin Bay)...DONE
4) Winter Works in Progress (WIPs) (My so-called scarf, trinket, misc. fingerless glove) MOSTLY DONE

Here's a picture of the completed Satellite of Love Socks. Love them! (Link to the pattern is on my sidebar, the yarn is an exclusive colorway of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Strawberry Satellite Stripe)

So what's on the list for May?

1) Lacy Little Top
2) MaryElla
3) Green Gable
4) Butterflies and Blossoms Socks (butterfly socks)
5) Diagonal Rib Socks (Interweave Knits subscriber-only online pattern)

I'm a little concerned about completing everything on this list as I totally blanked on the fact that I am traveling a bit in May...

  • 1st weekend we will be driving to St. Louis for M's little sister's college graduation.
  • 2nd weekend we're going to our hometown (south of St. Louis) to visit people.
  • 3rd weekend we will spend a day visiting with M's mom, grandma, et al.
  • 4th weekend is M's little sister's wedding in Annapolis (both M and I are in the wedding).

Hmmm, can I knit everything on my list? I'm sure going to try:)

So, I started my May list a little early this past weekend and got rolling on the Butterfly socks. I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Nearly Solid Turquoise. (These are actually my first solid colored socks). I'm unsure whether I like lacey socks, but it is a really neat, simple pattern. Here's a progress shot, but beware the unblocked lace and the early morning photography. You may just be able to make out the little butterflies on the sock...if you squint:)

I swatched for Green Gable on Saturday and cast-on last night. So far, so good - I really like the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, the recommended yarn. It is smoother and knits more evenly than the Cascade Sierra I used a couple months ago. Here's what I've knit so far. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Dusty Sage and size 6 needles. I've heard the pattern runs a bit small, so I'm making the largest size and keeping my fingers crossed (which is difficult to do while knitting). :) Well, I'm not one that likes to leave anything to chance so I did work out the stitch count around the bust and I think with negative ease it should work very nicely.


Karin said...

I have only knit one pair of socks...but I think that butterfly pattern is really cute! I also like the beaded cuff, I might have to add it to the to-knit list as well!

Kim in Oregon said...

You find the best cotton tops! I want to make both of those. I like Cotton Fleece too.

Have fun in St. Louis (my home town too). I grew up in Clayton and DH grew up in Bellfontaine neighbors.

Glad your birthday was good (mine too).

Kathy said...

Brownsheep cotton fleece in blue is so lovely. I also really love the nearly turquoise yarn...hmmm Im still deciding on my King TUT colors. GOod luck with all the traveling and knitting. You'll do it, you are amazing!

knit chick said...

That's quite a bit of travelling! You've got a busy May.

I just picked up some Cotton Fleece for Green Gable today. Mine is going to be "Carribean Sea" Gable.