Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Flop, Friends, & Film

As of Monday night, Green Gable is finished. No pictures yet as it is still drying. At this point I confess that I'm pretty sure I made it too big...I used old measurements when I determined sizing neglecting the fact that I've been working at losing the weight I put on when M and I quit smoking last summer (almost 10 months smober now!). I'm afraid Green Gable will join the Peace Fleece Cardigan and Big Sack Sweater in the frog pond. Oh well, luckily it was a quick knit and when I reknit it in a smaller size it will go even faster!

Last night I didn't knit at all. Two of our closest friends and their baby came to visit all the way from Oregon. We had a great visit and we'll hopefully get to see them again this coming weekend. They are the type of people that even when we don't see each other for over a year there is absolutely no awkwardness. I miss them so much however there is a really big chance we'll end up moving to Oregon ourselves Fall 2007. Hopefully.

So, after they left last night we put in Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Wererabbit and I began to string beads for MaryElla. Last summer I purchased 4 kits from EarthFaire. One adorable movie later and I have the majority of beads strung for the silver and amethyst beaded cuff. I think I'll do some more stringing of the other kits at knitting GROUP tonight.

*Knitting GROUP is now every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. It's still same time, same place (6:30-8:00pm at the Borders in Wilmette at the corner of Lake and Skokie).*


Lynae said...

I hope to make it tonight by 7pm. Wednesdays are hard for me in the summer!

Are you bringing Green Gable to group tonight? I have been thinking of it and am wondering on the sizing.

Oh, and I had noticed the weight loss, but was unsure if I should mention it. You GO GIRL!

aija said...

I've admired MaryElla for forever, but couldn't wrap my mind around stringing so many beads! :)

knit_chick said...

I read that one person said their Cotton Fleece grew a couple of inches. I haven't finished my MaryElla (it's 1/2 done), but I'd like see the colors you bought.

Yes, I'm finally going to be able to go to GROUP (although maybe a little late).

Kim in Oregon said...

Oy...I was planning to make the XL because I think we're about the same size...butnow...I guess I should make the large? When you said 3 inches of ease i was a bit worried it would be big.

Elspeth said...

I love your beaded cuff! It's really neat to see how the kit started and how yours turned out. Great job!