Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My first kit came yesterday from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club. Inside my box I found my gorgeous Fairgrounds Socks that Rock and my nifty binder with miscellaneous letters, notes, and pattern (not too excited by this pattern, but we'll see). I also got an adorable little keychain with a mini-skein of Socks that Rocks in the same colorway - too cute - and a few other little goodies (and I forgot to take a picture of all that, but it's really all about the yarn, right?). I am really thrilled with the yarn color. It's one I may not have ever picked out own my own, but all the colors intermingling really does bring to mind county fairgrounds. Beautiful.

As for knitting, I'm cruising through the lace section of the Little Lace Top. The lace pattern is very simple to knit, but it is difficult to photograph dark brown unblocked lace. I'm hoping to finish up the lace part tonight. The allhemp 3 yarn is very unique. It's similar in texture to cotton, but it almost feels waxed. My swatches softened significantly (and that's what I heard through the grapevine) so I'm very excited to finish this top.


Lynae said...

Holy crap...I don't read for a few days and you finish eleventeen projects!

Now I am sad I missed signing up for that...maybe next time after I destash a bit.

Kim in Oregon said...

the STR patternis growing on me (haven't started it, but will give it a try...but honestly, buttons? on socks?)

knit chick said...

Geez, you are human knitting machine! I want to see the allhemp stuff tomorrow at GROUP, but I don't I can make it. Just too much stuff to finish up (and it doesn't involve knitting).