Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wedding Bells and Knitting Goals

Monday we got back from our fabulous weekend in Annapolis. Matt's little sister is all married and off on her honeymoon. We had a lovely time and got to visit with a lot of dear family and friends. Annapolis is a gorgeous city and the weather cooperated the whole weekend - crystal clear and sunny, around 80 F. The ceremony at the Naval Academy Chapel was incredibly impressive. The Chapel has beautiful stained glass and a 67 yard aisle! Amanda (the Bride/my little sister-in law) was radiant in a lace-edged satin gown and Chris (the Groom/my new brother-in-law) was so handsome in his dress white Navy uniform. After a lovely ceremony we took photos in the Commissioner's rose garden (wish I'd put on sunscreen!). Here's a pic Matt was able to snap while we were all waiting in what little shade there was to be had. From left to right: Shea (bridesmaid), Amanda, Neal (my father-in-law/father of the bride), Me (matron of honor) , and Ashley (maid of honor).

Then we were off to the reception. It was simply lovely. The food and drink were wonderful and everyone danced the night away. This is a picture of Matt and Amanda - what a nice brother to dance with his little sis:) And then, sadly, after anticipating this event for over a year, it was over. What a wonderful weekend.

So back to knitting:) I did not finish the Lacy Little Top before we left on Saturday, but I did finish it up Monday when we got back. Here is a boring photo of the top drying. Once it is dry I'll post another picture. With that top done, that leaves only my Diagonal Rib Socks to complete my May knitting goals....I'm not sure I'll make it. Oh well. I'm sure I'll finish them up by the end of the week, so I'm not too far off on my timeline.


Lynae said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!

The little lacy top if FAB!

Kim in Oregon said...

Lovin' the lacy little top. Yes, I must knit every single thing that you knit.

It looks like a beautiful wedding, glad you had fun!

Kathy said...


Great wedding pics. Glad it turned out fun.

The sock yarn looks to me like it wants to be My So Called Scarf. First thing that came to mind.