Friday, June 02, 2006

1st Blogiversary and June Knitting Goals

Today is my one year blogiversary. Since I started this blog 1 year ago I have done the following knitting-type stuff (I love my lists...):

  • I joined a knitting group (Hi, Everybody!).
  • I became extremely obsessive with sock knitting and sock yarn:)
  • I knit way too many gifts at winter holiday time (that is not happening this year).
  • I knit Matt a sweater (and he loves it!).
  • I knit with beads.
  • I felted some items (intentionally!).
  • I went to Stitches Midwest Market for the first time.
  • I Gold Medaled in the 2006 Knitting Olympics.
  • I've taken knitting classes on cables, finishing, designing, and Norwegian hats.
  • I've made extensive lists including yarn inventory, monthly goals, and what sock yarn will go with what sock pattern.
  • I've blogged (and met some cool people through it).

Now on to the knitting content!

Here is my official May/June Knitting Goal post (ha ha, goal post) -

May Goals:
1) Lacy Little Top DONE
2) MaryElla DONE
3) Green Gable DONE (but soon to be frogged)
4) Butterflies and Blossoms Socks (butterfly socks) DONE
5) Diagonal Rib Socks (Interweave Knits subscriber-only online pattern) 1/2 DONE

I wasn't sure at the beginning of May whether I would be able to meet all my goals. I am thrilled that I came so close. One little sock separated me from full out victory, but I guess that keeps me humble:) Here's a picture to show off the diagonal rib of the one completed Diagonal Rib Sock (Socks that Rock, Hot Flash - Interweave Knits online pattern).

June Goals:
1) Shaped Neck Tee
2) Tasha Bag
3) Chinese Charm Bag (Stitch 'N Bitch Pattern Book)
4) Cable Rib Socks (IK Spring 05)
5) Bluebell Rib Socks in the Socks that Rock Rockin' Sock Club color Fairgrounds

June's goals were set keeping in mind that Matt and I will be on vacation for a week in the middle of June sailing with his family in the British Virgin Islands. I'm hoping to knit the Bluebell Rib socks before we leave and do the rest when we get back.

Here's the start of the Bluebell Rib Socks. The yarn is Socks that Rock Fairgrounds (medium weight), the May shipment of the Socks that Rock Rockin' Sock Club. The colors are incredibly vibrant and I am really enjoying how they are working with the pretty pattern. These will knit up in no time:)


Karin said...

That yarn color is really gorgeous. Have a nice sailing trip!

Chicago Jen said...

Blogger wouldn't let me comment on the previous post so I'll put it all here. I'm soooo jealous of your BVI sailing trip! Have a wonderful time! You looked just lovely at your SIL's wedding. How fun. The Lacy little top is looking lovely. Did it soften up the way you'd hoped? Nice new look, too! OH YEAH, and HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!

Kim said...

Happy Blogiversary! And I love the shaped neck tee!

aija said...

Happy blogoversary! That fairgrounds is wonderful :)

Kim in Oregon said...

Happy Blogiversery! And I love that shaped tee! where do you find all these????

Have fun in the BVI...I spent a vacation on Virgin Gorda many moons ago and had a terrific time...lovely people and beautiful water. Can you knit while you sail?

Kathy said...


Happy Blogiversary. I love seeing what you are knitting. Your goals are lofty AND you manage to obtain them...mostly...
and beautifully.

Enjoy the Islands....hmmmmm, how many days without knitting////?