Monday, June 19, 2006

Staying cool

For all of you in the Chicago area, you know this weekend was H-O-T! We live in a very very old home with no central air and for some reason we did not turn on the window unit (probably because I'm unsure it actually cools anything). Instead we hid in the darkened living room trying to keep cool. As it was dark, I did not knit too much this weekend...actually, I didn't knit because I was miserably hot and on Saturday we escaped to the Midwest Oasis also known as Red Lobster and the movie theater (coconut shrimp and X-Men 3 - both were pretty darn good). Sunday we walked over to the Custer Street Fair (a large local neighborhood fair) and had a lovely time. While going over there we remarked on the fact that we didn't need to buy anything and that we would just pick up some lunch...two hours later we walked away with full bellies and many packages (black cherry jam- yum!).

During the cooler moments of the weekend, what I did knit was most of the numerous pieces of Tasha (that would be the pile of random blue knitted objects in the picture). I did not take a picture of my likewise blue knitting needles and (fortunately) my blue fingers rinsed clean this morning. So, yes, as rumor has it, Rowan Denim does most definitely stain your fingers and needles. It washes up pretty easily, but it's a little annoying unless you like the smurf look (and 80's fashion is back!).

So I was reading Claire's blog this weekend and she links to a new needle set she bought from KnitPicks. I went ahead and clicked on the link, just to check them out, thinking that I don't need another set since I've got my Denise needles...within 10 minutes I had ordered a set of the new and (hopefully) fabulous KnitPicks Options Needle Set - this may be the most wonderful needle set ever...I don't want to get my hopes up too high though...I'll give you a full report once I get my set.

Now I'll leave you with a picture of how my cat, Kilby, tried to keep cool this weekend. I always feel bad for the cats when the weather is yucky. With no ability to sweat or strip off their fur coats (except hair by hair, all of the time) they must be so uncomfortable. All we can do is set out some fans and put ice cubes in their water. Good thing they can press their furry little bellies to the screen to catch some of that lake breeze:)


tonni said...

Will be interested to hear the review on the new needle set. The picture does show lovely very pointy tips.

tonni said...

You know what? I'm impatient. Went to Knitpicks to website and ordered a set myself! However, i'm STILL interested to hear your review! :)

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Does Kilby by any chance like ice? or like to chase things that zip across the floor? My cat will cook off with ice this way! Found your site from Tonni, can't wait to hear your review about the new needle set!!! Been thinking of buying the Denise needles but these do see to be a better deal!!

Kim in Oregon said...

I bought em too.