Sunday, August 20, 2006



Pattern: Heather from Rowan's A Season's Tale
Yarn: Jaeger Shetland Aran, Sage Green
Size: 40 inch (the finished sweater is made to allow for 4-5 inches of ease)
Needles: KnitPicks Options sizes 6 and 7
Start Date: July 31, 2006
End Date: August 17, 2006
Comments: There is not one thing that I did not enjoy while knitting this pattern. I love the Jaeger Shetland Aran yarn. I love the simple yet lovely Rowan pattern. I love the color. I love the finished sweater. This sweater will be worn happily and often this coming winter. I didn't alter the pattern at all and it knit up rather quickly. From the moment I saw this pattern in the book I knew I had to knit it. I just love the big flat cable crossings.

I am very pleased with my finishing on this sweater. My sweater-finishing skills have improved immensely since my first seaming attempt a little less than two years ago. I've really learned to slow down and take the time to put it all together neatly and correctly. No point knitting something for weeks to only mess it up on the last day:)

Oh, and look what came in the mail recently:
My very own Socks that Rock in the Lucy colorway from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. This color was inspired by Wendy's cat Lucy (Wendy Knits blog). Laska however was greatly displeased by this and forced me to cross out Lucy's name and put her own. Who am I to say no to a spoiled Siamese cat? :)


Chicago Jen said...

Wow!! Congrats on the lovely Heather sweater!! She eez Beouuuteeful!

Kim in Oregon said...

That is a gorgeous sweater. Sometimes the Rowan patterns are a bit, um, much for me but not that one!

I think that colorway is wonderful, you and Laska have fun with it!

I'm so enjoying "The Prestige"...I'm having a hard time putting it down.

knit chick said...

Congrats on another FO. "Heather" looks fantastic! Love the "Laska" yarn :)

Liz said...

I love Heather, that's a great color on you, beautiful job & it took you what, 17 days! And you probably knit a sock or two during that time as well. And I loooovvve the STR in the Laska colorway.

Wendy said...

Love your Heather sweater!

And the STR Lucy colorway sure matches your kitty beautifully

the knitrider said...

Heather looks great! it looks very comfy!

Wendy's Fairy Godmother said...

Laska and Lucy must surely be kindred spirits--the yarn is very becoming on Laska!

Allison said...

Your sweater is lovely! Very nice cables. And I would have chosen the same color as you.

Sangeeta said...

Nice sweater! Good job!

Kathy said...

Your siamese is soooooo lovely as is the sock yarn. Of Course you needed to buy it. I wish there was one for my tabby/torti mix, Rosalyn.

Your sweater, heather, looks fantastic on you. GREAT job Alyssa.

Laurakeet said...

Hi! Just found you (and Heather) by searching Knitter's Review for thoughts on the yarn you used. And to think, I was thinking of buying that yarn from Jannette like you did, and now I'm having trouble resisting. I love that pattern and it's been on my "to knit" list for a while. It's going to have to move up right quick, now! And PS I'm in Chicago - small world right?

Laurakeet said...

Oh shoot, I forgot to ask my main question: how much yarn did Heather take? I'm wondering how much I should order, since I'm guessing a full pack would be overkill. Thanks!