Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poser Knitter

I'm becoming a poser knitter. I love to look at (and buy) yarn online. I peruse patterns and knitting blogs as well. However, when I get home at night, I don't touch my needles. The last few weeks I haven't been as driven to knit and I'm not sure what it is that's changed. When I have knit a little during the past days I enjoy it and think to myself, "Hey, I should knit more." I'm not even sure I would call it a slump since I like the projects I've got on the needles. Hmmmmm...maybe I'm still missing my knitting buddy, Kilby the cat...Time to train Laska the Siamese to be my knitting companion. :)

So, here is the laughable amount of knitting I have done on the first Thermal sleeve. I haven't even gotten far enough that it looks like a sleeve and not a sock. Geez! If I really really really focus I may still get this finished by the middle of next week when we go to Oregon, but I really am not sure about that happening. Good thing we've fallen behind on all the shows we record so I've got plenty to keep me going. Online someone finished her Thermal and it looks super. I hope it looks as good on me.

One way to spark the knitting fire is to hear that someone in your immediate family is having a baby! I won't give really any details as it is still early on in the pregnancy and I'm a cautious girl when it comes to that, but I did buy the yarn for a baby blanket and sweater.

I like it so much I'm thinking about keeping it for my not-even-created future baby. It's Berroco Nostalgia and it's a cotton/acrylic/nylon blend. I had picked it out online about a month ago, but was going to wait to purchase it. Then I got the email announcing the Webs annual sale and I saw it was listed. How could I resist? It's really terrific yarn. I'm not sure you can tell from the picture, but the yarn on the right is actually a toned ombre that uses the same color as the yarn on the left. I think I'll do the blanket in the solid and the sweater in the ombre. The yarn feels good and it has this really neat shiny thread running through it. I look forward to knitting it soon.

***Knitting Group is Tonight! We meet at the new Starbucks in Wilmette (corner of Lake & Laramie, just to the west of I-94 on Lake Ave.). We start at around 6:30 and go until 8ish. Any yarn enthusiast is welcome!***


Liz said...

I love thermal & I love the color you've used, but if it's taking you a long time to knit, it would take me the rest of my natural lifetime! Seeya tonight!

Nell said...

I'm having knitting malaise too. But for me, that comes and goes. It'll all come back in full force in a couple of weeks. I hope!