Thursday, April 12, 2007

So it goes

My favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, passed away yesterday. Thankfully his books will live on forever.


Jodi said...

Vonnegut was one of my favorite authors when I was in high school. He gave a lecture at my college when I was a sophomore, and it was quite the experience. This lecture eventually became the book Bagombo Snuff Box, I think.

In a way it was a sad experience for me, for Vonnegut had turned into a crotchety old man. Critique and satire had become complaints.

janet said...

I have a BA and half of an MA in English Lit. and somehow have never read Vonnegut. However, I just read some passages from interviews with him that were published in the Houston Chronicle and am now going straight to the bookstore to buy Cat's Cradle and Slaughterhouse Five. And I'm getting extra copies to send to my son at Great Lakes Navy Corp School, because Vonnegut's comments sound so much like my son's philosophy on life to this date. Can't wait to start reading!