Sunday, September 18, 2005

Life is Good

First of all, our new couch and chair arrived. I love them! The couch is actually a kind of daybed so it is nice and deep. The chair is squishy and comfy. I am so happy with them. Sorry about the terrible pictures. I don't know why they look so crappy (and look-- orbs! Our apartment must be haunted:) ) Ignore the stupid cat scratching thing on the front of the chair. It is no longer there as they do not appear to want to ruin our pretty new furniture -- hooray! The wall color works pretty well with the red so for now we will leave it alone. We luckily sold the old couches the next day so our apartment feels so open and stylish.

Friday not only brought our lovely new furniture, but a postcard from my Secret Pal - So exciting! I am having a lot of fun coming up with ideas for my person that I'm spoiling and of course I am thrilled to receive such an adorable piece of mail --Thank you Secret Pal!

So, I spent all weekend knitting with my butt on the new couch. It was great! M and I did take a break and go shopping on Saturday afternoon as we are going to a wedding next weekend and had nothing good to wear. (I am terribly lucky that my husband loves to shop as much as I do). We both found great outfits and then went out for some sushi. Another terrific Saturday with my guy:)

Then more knitting.... Here is the progress I made on Eris. She's looking fabulous and I am enjoying knitting her every step of the way. The pattern is just challenging enough that I need to pay attention, but it is so clearly written that I never feel lost. I'm having so much fun making the cardigan, I'm thinking maybe I should make a pullover too -- or maybe even tackle Rogue!


Carol said...

I love the red chair and couch with the taupe looks fabulous!

Great card from your secret pal! I'm so sounds like great fun.

Love the sweater..I expect you'll have it done for our next "group" eh???


Kathy said...


The Eris is wonderful. I am looking forward to meeting it. Your cables look wonderful.

knit chick said...

The couch looks great and so comfortable. Looks like you found your new knitting couch. Love the postcard from your SP. Great progress on Eris. I hope to see it at the next "group" when I eventually get my schedule back!