Thursday, September 15, 2005

To "Eris" is Human....

I just finished the collar! Looky looky! To recap: this is the Eris pattern. I am using KnitPicks Merino Style in Nutmeg. I used size 4 needles for the collar and I will be using size 6 for the body of the sweater. I'm very excited to have gotten this far with no mistakes. The collar took me just around a week with various other knitting going on.

I couldn't resist modeling the collar on Laska as I have become addicted to the site (if you need a laugh, go check it out).

Secret Pal Six has begun and I'm already having fun. I have contacted the person I'll be spoiling and my secret pal has contacted me! I've become so preoccupied with what to get my pal -- so many possibilities, such an urge to go overboard:) As for my secret pal, she (or maybe it's a guy....) asked me if there was anything I really would like and honestly I would be happy with lots of different things. I am hankering for an Elizabeth Zimmerman book or some Southwest Trading Co. Bamboo yarn (Carol has been knitting with some at "group" and it is lovely)...but shiney things or chocolate makes me happy too:)

The fabulous new couch and chair will be delivered tomorrow! I. Can. Not. Wait! Yea! Red furniture! It will be hard to concentrate at work tomorrow knowing that the new furniture is there without me. At least the cats will be there to cuddle with it until I get home.

Smoking Update:
Time Smoke-Free: 61 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes and 6 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 743
Lifetime Saved: 5 days, 16 hours
Money Saved: $204.96


Anonymous said...

Do you already have any Zimmerman books?

<3 Your Secret Pal

Chicago Jen said...

Ooohh!! So many things to see and comment on! Congrats on so much Smober!! I'm so proud of you.

Oooh, new red furniture. Red is my FAVORITE color. Yummy.

New secret pal, fun. Sounds exciting, I might have to get into that.

Ohh, and your secret pal is sending you secret messages too! How secret agent!

Oh and Eris! How beautiful!

Jen from "Group"

Carol from "the group" (we really need a name) said...

Woo Hoo...on the smoking...$204 is alot of yarn girl!

I loved the for the chuckle.

I'm waiting for pics of the new furniture.

Zimmerman is a good choice for books. I have most of her old ones and just love them.

Chicago Jen said...

Pictures!! We WANT PICTURES!! of the new furniture of course. :) We're very excited for you too....