Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Look What I Can Do!

I proudly present the the first half of one half of the collar for Eris!

Eris was the winner of the informal vote and since she was also my first choice I just jumped right in. So far so good. By the end of this evening I was even comfortable enough with the charts to watch a little Daily Show while I completed chart C. This is only 3 of the 6 charts for the first half, but I think I should be done with the collar by the end of this coming weekend. This pattern is so well written -- I can actually follow the charts! Of course, I had plenty of "help" with this project and now a little photo essay:

Nemo (the cat) came along looking for attention....

I was trying to follow a very complicated chart...

I convinced him to stay at one end of the couch...

He started to cross the line....

He exploded with kitty cuteness all over my pattern! (Shortly after these pictures were taken Nemo was evicted from the couch otherwise you would not have seen so much of Eris).

This past 3-day weekend I got a lot of knitting done. Here are a couple of the scarves I'm working on for holiday gifts. Both of these were very difficult to photograph due to the colors and textures...I'll try to get better pictures once I finish them up.

We got a call today -- our new couch and chair are in! Over a month early -- Hooray! They'll be delivered a week from Friday. I'm so excited:)


Chicago Jen said...

So many fun things going on in your life!!! I'm so excited for you that your sofa and chair are in! time to get crackin' on that painting thing, huh?
I totally understand your kitty invasion problems. MY kitty starts with DH and slowly (almost imperceptably ends up draped across my lap, eaching for the project in progress!
Lovely Eris!

Carol (himimom) said...

The Eris looks great so far...what yarn are you using?

Woo hoo on your sofa and chair, I hope you'll post pictures.


Kathy said...

A really lovely beginning with Eris. Great color choice. Amused and enchanted with the Kitty comics.