Monday, October 10, 2005

I Swear I'm Not A Slacker!

It has been close to a week since my last post. Eris is exactly as we saw her last week. My sock is still singular and unfinished. What on earth have I been doing? Well, the pressure to get a holiday gift done finally got to me (and I was distracted with a fingerless glove pattern for myself:) ) The Here and There Cable Scarf from Scarf Style is complete! I really enjoyed the pattern once I got into the rhythm of it.

Official Stats for the project:
Pattern: from Scarf Style book, Here and There Cable Scarf
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay - Stellar
Needle: U.S. size 7

Eris' final sleeve shall be completed soon and I ordered a color card from zipperstop to select a zipper (I read Jen's comment right after I ordered it! I'll be sure to check out Vogue Fabrics as soon as I have a chance). I think I'll cast on for another holiday project tonight. My plan is to always have the following on needles:
a sock;
an easy, no-thinking holiday gift;
a more complicated holiday gift; and
something random for me (sweater, bag, etc.)

I keep looking at my list of holiday knitting...I hope I didn't over do it!


knit chick said...

I was just looking at that scarf today thinking I could do that with some Malabrigo! Yours turned out lovely.

Have fun at Group tomorrow!

Chicago Jen said...

Oh Lyssa, I'm almost in the same boat with you!! The pressure of too many Christmas gifts not going right finally got to me! I'm taking a week off and doing nothing but self-centered project work. 1/2 finished with a new sock in some yummy Koigu KPPPM and some solid time on the Manos jacket. Gotta tell you though, with 280 some odd stitches and a tight gauge, those flippin' purl rows take nearly 10 minutes each! UGH!! My only consolation is that the yarn is so beautiful when it's all worked up and I keep dreaming about the finished product!!

Carol said...

The scarf is fabulous....I love it!

Life and work getting in the way of my knitting!!!! Not enough time for all I want to do.

See you tonight :)

Kathy said...


Frugal Hungarian with irisheyes asks you post the bottom line for the gorgeous scarf. What did it cost before I consider it?

College costs loom large.

Glad I swung by to check in. Fun to see what everyone is working on.

Chicago Jen said...

I can't find the idiot piece of paperthat I pout your addy on either...
I am at jjsinclair"at"comcast"dot"net. Talk at you later!