Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here is a little scarf I knit up from some LionBrand Moonlight Mohair in the color glacier. This is 70% acrylic/30% mohair -- not too bad for LionBrand. It's an interesting yarn made up of two plys - one ply is just fuzzy mohair type yarn, the other ply is a stiffer shiny yarn. I'm a sucker for shiny things:) So, I had bought this yarn over a year ago and I got bored with my current projects last week so I whipped up this little drop stitch scarf for myself. It was a great 2 day project worked on size 11 needles.

Sorry about the picture quality of these photos...sunlight is becoming a very rare commodity in Chicagoland these days, especially the few minutes I have before work to take pictures.

This is just a progress picture of my Ravenclaw Harry Potter scarf. Earlier this summer I had completed the neverending Gryffindor scarf for M and then started the Ravenclaw scarf for myself. Well, I got distracted with other things and kept thinking to myself that the November release date of the next Harry Potter movie is so far away. Well, last week I realized that that late release date is less than 2 weeks away! So, I took a long hard look at my Ravenclaw scarf, decided to frog what I had because it was just a little too wide, and then cast on (this time 60, not 90). I'm using Caron Simply Soft in Dk. Country Blue and LionBrand Glitterspun in bronze (it's so shiny). It is strange I'm working with so much acrylic right's not my favorite, but I feel like I should use up whatever acrylic yarn has crept into my stash. I'm natural fiber only for any future purchases (unless the yarn is shiny).

Speaking of future purchases....there should be a some wonderful new yarn heading its way to me soon. I'll post pics as it arrives. I just realized I didn't get a pic of one gift scarf I'm working on (the penultimate gift scarf - yippee!)...sadly, for the first time ever, I did not order enough yarn and, of course, the yarn I need is now backordered for a couple weeks. I'm hoping it ships soon and that the dyelot isn't way off....I hope, I hope. Oh well, worst comes to worst, I'll frog the scarf and make a hat and mittens:)

I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful responses to the news of Kilby's diabetes. To answer Karin's questions....Kilby was always a bit of a butterball, but never overweight -- stout:) Well, all of a sudden in the course of just 3 or 4 weeks she lost her butterball! We decided to take her in just to be on the safe side. She had been more active than usual so we thought she may have just lost the weight naturally, but as the blood test revealed there was more to it. It was funny because the signs of diabetes were there and if she were human I may have been faster to realize something was wrong-- she was drinking water all the time, peeing whenever she was not drinking, and then the weight loss. Oh well....she's doing very well now. Unfortunately we do have to give her insulin 2 times a day now which is a little inconvenient, but we'll adjust. We aren't big partiers and M's in grad school so he's in the labs at night a lot so I'm around to give the shot -- aren't I the lucky one? :) The other kitties are getting used to scheduled feeding times -- another couple weeks and I'm sure this will all become routine.


Kathy said...


I too want to use up my acrylics. Whatever did I see in them? Besides, wash and wear, and inexpensive........

Glad kitty is adjusting. Missed group.

Karin said...

I am glad your kitty's doing well.

I love Lion Brand as cheap yarn. I made my BF some gloves with it and they have really held up well.

knit chick said...

I've been wondering how the Moonlight Mohair knits up. Looks pretty good.

Got of out jury duty since I was only standby & my name was one off from the range that had to show up!

Kim in Oregon said...

I love the moonlight mohair...I have a bunch in my stash but have just looked at it for now. I'm thinking of a magic scarf.

Carol said...


I'm so glad Kilby is doing well and you're all adjusting. Sorry I missed group....realized about 7:00 pm Tuesday night, DUH! What did I miss?