Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Scarf, a Mitten, and a Penguin

This past weekend I finished up another gift scarf. This one is in Mistake Rib again using Malabrigo in Marron Oscuro. It is snuggly and soft. I hope the recipient loves it.

Then, I made a mitten. As of now it is a lonely mitten. I hope to make the other soon. I used the mitten pattern in Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns with KnitPicks Ambrosia in Night Sky (this is the same yarn I used for the Celtic Cap). Very soft and warm.

I then made a Pasha Penguin. She is a gift for some friends of mine. I plan on making another as a gift for someone else as well. The next one will probably be pink though:) This pattern was very easy and it took me just Sunday afternoon and evening (that's what I did with my extra hour from the time change).

In sad non-knitting news, my dear little Kilby (the tabby cat) has been diagnosed with diabetes. We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep her happy and healthy. The initial cost is a bit overwhelming, but once we have her glucose levels under control the financial scene should improve. There are some big changes to our routine now. Our cats have always been self-feeders, but now we have to do scheduled feedings. Kilby gets special food while the others will get their regular chow. Also, Kilby will now get an insulin shot every morning. Every morning. Ugh. It would feel like a life sentence except that Kilby climbs onto my chest every night while I read and purrs and sticks out her tongue. She loves me so unconditionally and I can not imagine being without her. I know some people will think we are nuts, but we made a commitment to care for our little furry creatures and that is what we will do.

Now, to end on a less morose note, I recently bought a mini-Kacha Kacha row counter off of ebay and I love it! So cute. I also ordered some sock yarn on Friday from Simply Sock Yarn and I got it Monday -- wow! Fast shipping! I got Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Birches, Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn in Jester and Moss. I love them all -- now, if I ever finish holiday knitting maybe I'll get to knit some more socks:)

Today I went downtown to report for jury duty. Unbelievably, I was selected for a jury for a trial that starts (and hopefully ends) tomorrow. More details once the case is settled. All I know for now is that I'm taking home the big bucks! $17.20 a day -- oh yeah!


Mothlady said...

It will get easier once you and Kilby get used to the new routine. Our 16 year old cat has chronic renal disease and hypertension, but with the right food and medication she is quite sprightly for her age. Try to make the shots as pleasant as possible, most cats accommodate very well to them and it's only us humans that have trouble with them. Our other cat (who died a few years ago of cancer) had to take medication twice a day for heart condition, and she learned to hop on the sofa for that. She knew her food would appear as soon as the pills were down :)

Karin said...

Oh your poor kitty...How did you know she had diabetes? Did she just go in for a regular checkup, or did you notice something unusual about her? How old is she?

I love your scarf BTW.

knit chick said...

Look at you with all the FOs! I hope some of that rubs off on me by association. Good purchases, too. If you bring your new counter, I'll bring mine :)

Sorry about to hear about Kilby. I have a friend who took in some cats with diabetes and managed fine. It's hard at first, but your daily routine will get there.

Fill me in on the jury duty process tonight since I might have to deal with it next Monday! I think I'm more worried about the courthouse location more than anything!

$17.20... how much yarn can you get with that?

Chicago Jen said...

Oooh, Alyssa, so sorry to hear about your kitty baby. I totally understand your committment to keeping him happy and healthy. when we lost out Romeo it was really sudden and I cried for like a week. Bleah.
Would you please bring Birches to Mosaic tonight? It starts at 6:00 and goes until 9:00. I'll be there as close to 6 as I can. Hope to see you and Claire there!

Inky said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty, but I'm glad you are good kitty parents and fortunately it's a controlable desease.

I have that same Maleficent tissue holder and keep refilling it :)

Kim in Oregon said...

I"m so sorry about Kilby. Food can help a lot. We gave our three old kitties subcutaneous (sp) fluids for several years, and it became second nature to us. Best wishes,

Kathy said...


Love your scarf and mitten. I need that mistake rib pattern. I love the name. Maybe its better to knit a mistake pattern than a perfect pattern. So much less stress.

Magen was our first cat. She was diagnosed with diabetes at 13. She was on a boatload of insulin. She had some good years with us but was difficult to manage dosing as her disease progressed. In retrospect the last year at age 16 was something I wouldnt put her through again.
She loved her shots. Came running for them, b/c I gave her a nibble of deli meat with them. Its a protein, so I justified it. She used her box religiously to the end. The scoops were the size of a womans shoe, I swear.

I can chat more with you about my one experience with our dear Magen.
Working 12 tomorrow. Its been impossible to leave on time. :( no group for me this time. Maybe I can convince al to stop in.