Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Photos

So, I was just reviewing the photos I took today of current works in progress, my finished Ravenclaw scarf (yea! Harry Potter on Friday!), and my recent yarn acquisitions. Well, you won't be seeing those pictures today. They are truly, truly terrible. I think it is the lack of natural light. Chicagoland saw it's first touch of snow today and with it came more overcast skies. I hate how washed out and ugly things look in all the pictures I took. I promise the first day we see sun or at least a weak light, I'll post pics.

The official knitting update is as follows:
Harry Potter Ravenclaw scarf (love it!)

Working on:
Super Top Secret Holiday gift for M (pictures will come after the winter holidays)
Vintage Velvet Scarf for me from the Scarf Style book (I finally bought the Muench Touch Me yarn - I am in love)
Um....Eris cardigan....I swear the 2nd sleeve will happen someday....
Some socks....haven't really been working on them lately...

There you photoless post. To keep it interesting how about I ask everyone a question. Of all the things you've knit, what one finished item do you love the most and why?


knit chick said...

I know what you mean about washed out the photos get. That's why I'm waiting to post my latest FO until I get a better shot.

To answer your question, my favorite FO is Shedir. It turned out better than I thought it would & the recipient loved it. I need to make one for myself now with all this cold weather!

Kathy said...

My favorite FO the little sweater I knitted for my newest neice, Maria. It was a purple handdye knit in the round. I was never prouder to be a knitter.

Chicago Jen said...

My fav FO is the baby sweater I designed (or should I say altered from a DB pattern) for girlfriends baby. I'm with you on the grey pics thing. But what I really want to know is how you managed to keep track of where you were in the pattern for VV??!! I've frogged 4 times on that bloody thing and I'm loathe to restart so maybe you could give me some pointers off line. jen

Carol said...

Bring on the sun...I want to see those pics and I need to take some of my own!

My favorite FO is the Norweigan ski team sweater designed by Dale for the Norweigan Ski Team to wear during the Lillehammer Olympics. It was my first stranded project and one and only steeked project. It's glorious and he just loves it!