Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No more sun....

Another pictureless post that I will blame on the lack of sunny natural light not my laziness. I did want to post a "thank you" to my fabulous Secret Pal. She sent me the perfect antidote to all the turkey and family from last week -- sock yarn and chocolate! Of course, I'll take a picture of the yarn soon...not sure if the chocolate will make it until the photo shoot. It is wonderful dark chocolate with orange. Mmmmm, chocolate:) Thank you!

I finished up my Ruffle Edge Scarf during the holiday -- a pic will be forthcoming. I'm getting a little nervous about the larger secret project I am knitting for M's holiday present...He hasn't been going into the lab at night as much as usual so I'm not getting very much top secret knitting time. Oh well, I'm sure it will work out -- It's simple stockinette so it should go quickly.

So, we've been watching the first season of Lost. I can't believe we waited so long to watch it! Now I'm bummed we have to wait for the DVD of the 2nd season...At least we have two seasons of 24 to catch up on:) Anyone else watching some good tv? Is it the weather that makes me want to do nothing but watch tv, knit, and eat comfort food?

The comfort food thing must stop soon though. I was measured the Saturday after Turkey Day for my bridesmaid dress for my sister-in-laws May wedding. As I have put on a few pounds from quitting smoking, I am ordering a smaller dress than what I currently measure. I ordered the dress that matched my pre-quitting-smoking measurements. Not sure if any healthy eating/exercise will occur before the holidays are over. At least I'm starting to consider the idea:)

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Kathy said...


Can't say I've been watching any great TV. I do feel like hunkering down and knitting..
What I have watched on TV:

food network
Chicago Tonight
dull dull dull