Friday, January 06, 2006

In the Year 2006

Happy New Year!
So far in 2006 I have knit a sock, a hat, and a scarf. How in six short days did I accomplish this? I got sick. And while I have many wonderful and intricate projects waiting in the wings my cold medicine dictated that I only work on things that required 12.8% of my brain. Pictures will be forthcoming this weekend.

As I have caught up on my blogreading I've seen most people are doing some sort of year in review/new year's resolution type post. Here are my thoughts on 2005 and 2006:


  • I knit my first sock (and many more followed).
  • I knit my first cable pattern (and loved it).
  • I discovered and ebay are excellent sources for yarn (and my bank account will never be the same).
  • I began to blog (Hi).
  • I ran out of room for my yarn stash (and I still kept buying more).
  • I started going to my twice-monthly knitting GROUP (and I am so happy to have met such a wonderful and interesting group of knitters).
  • I set in my first zipper (and it doesn't look terrible and it hasn't fallen out).


  • I will knit from my stash (and be careful how often I restock).
  • I will not buy any more sock yarn until I've knit at least 6 pairs from my yarn stash.
  • I will knit my first lace project.
  • I will attend Stitches Midwest again.
  • I will knit more for myself and less for others.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and here's to a wonderful year to come!


Kathy said...

Happy new Year Jen.

I am glad you started our GROUP. This tuesday right?

Lynae said...

LOL at the knit from the stash resolution.

I am trying to make group tomorrow night, but my husband is leaving for India tonight and I am not sure on the babysitting front.

I miss all of you - and miss knitting. The surgery went well, and I did my first knitting yesterday! Woohoo - no pain.

Look, I finally have a blog! (Such as it is)