Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Finishing, Beginning, Continuing, Informing, & Canceling

Ivy is finished! Well, all the knitting is done (except for a little bit of the neck band that you finish once you seam everything together). The sleeves are now blocking and I think I'll assemble it sometime this weekend. I don't ever like to be tired or rushed when sewing seams as I tend to get a little sloppy. So, pictures Monday!?!?

With Ivy off the needles, I officially began Rosedale United. I'm using some Noro Kureyon (#157) that I picked up on a fantastic deal from Web's at Stitches Midwest this fall. I'm knitting the Medium size (42 inch) on size 5 needles. For the sleeve, which you can see the beginning of to the right, I have to use double points and I totally forgot all I have in size 5 double points are some old Lion Brand plastic ones. Oh well. They aren't too horrible. And size 5 knits up much much faster than size 2 (Ivy!). I highly doubt I'll finish it in October, which was the original goal, but it is likely I can complete it within the first week of November. Good thing we get that extra hour this weekend!

And since I always have to have some socks going I've started on some Dublin Bay socks using Sunshine Yarns in Dragonfly. Stunning colors! These socks are going to fly off the needles (get it? Fly? Dragonfly?). Maybe I'll hit three pairs to celebrate Socktober!

Oh, I almost forgot! Aija at sock pr0n has posted the greatest tutorial for weaving in your ends while you knit!!! I tried it last night when I was finishing up the last Ivy sleeve and it works fantastically. Go check it out here!

***Knitting Group is cancelled for tonight (Oct. 25th) due to the planned absence of numerous members. We will resume our regular meetings at the regular place (Border's Cafe in Wilmette) on the regular day (Wednesday - Nov. 1st) at the regular time (6:30pm) next week.***

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aija said...

I'm glad you liked the weaving in ends thing! Its almost unreasonable how much I enjoy it!! :)