Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A little midweek progress report

Ivy is coming along incredibly well. I've now finished the back, the left front piece, and I'm more than halfway through the right front. That just leaves the sleeves and the extremely long tie (over 100 inches!). As I complete each piece I become more anxious to finish it. The Elann Peruvian Highland Silk is knitting up so beautifully- this is going to be one gorgeous sweater! I hope to finish the knitting by the end of this coming weekend. (That will leave only a week in October so I am thinking that my second sweater of the month- Rosedale United - may spill over into November).

The Stillwater Chocolate Cherry Socks are 75% complete. I just need to finish up the foot and toe of the second sock and voila! Another finished pair in Socktober! :) Since I always like to have socks on the needles I may go ahead and cast on for the first pair I have planned for November. I'll be using Sunshine Yarns in Dragonfly to knit my favorite pattern, Dublin Bay (see sidebar for link). The yarn is rather variegated so I think the simplicity of the Dublin Bay lace panel will look fantastic.

Recently on one of the knitting boards I read there was a discussion about how in one's knitting it is usually best to only highlight one of the following: color, texture, or the pattern. In some cases you can have two of these characteristics, such as a lace pattern with a softly variegated yarn or a cable in a silky yarn, but generally you want to emphasize just one. I guess I tend to agree with this thinking for most of my knitting. What do you think?

***Knitting Group is tonight (Wednesday) at the Borders' Cafe in Wilmette (corner of Lake & Skokie). We meet from 6:30 until 8:00 and any yarn enthusiast is welcome!***


mle said...

Honestly, I hadn't really thought of that before but it does make sense!
BTW, I loved seeing all your sock yarn! That's what's drawn me into sock making...I'm only on my second pair but I hope to have a drawer full someday!

Kathy said...


I hadn't thought of that one thing to highlight idea, but you know I like it, now that you mention it.

ALlison said...

Oooh, lovely colorway!
I hadn't thought about Highlightling that way, but it makes sense.