Friday, October 13, 2006

Knit, Swatch, Knit, Stash

Ivy is moving along. Not the fastest knit, but so enjoyable.
Swatching is happening for the next big project, Rosedale United. However, if Ivy keeps going at its current pace, Rosedale might be bumped to November. But isn't the Noro Kureyon pretty?The Stillwater Chocolate Cherry socks are knitting up so quickly. Great yarn (Claudia Hand Painted) plus a great pattern (Stillwater from Wildhorse Farm Designs) equals happy knitting.And here's further proof I have no willpower when it comes to sock yarn. The latest from Sunshine Yarns. On the top is Olive and on the bottom is Westwood. So pretty. (I've also joined a couple more sock clubs, so there will be more pretty yarns arriving at my house throughout the winter).
Oh, and I've said it a few times. I have a list of all my sock yarn and what pattern I will use with each yarn. Here's a screenshot of what's coming up in the next year or so. I'm a nerd.


Chicago Jen said...

Wow... Whenever I start to think I'm a geek, I'll just link back to this post. You amaze me. FYI, since, thanks to you, I've sloved the STR Yarn issue, I'm back on my knee socks with Smoky Topaz. THANKS! I missed having a yummy pair of socks to work on.

Dave said...

Okay, that's way too organized. It's even colour-coded. Makes me want to stick in finger in there and go, "Stir, stir, stir." :-)

Love that new Sundara - wow!

Heather said...

Okay, you MUST tell me what sock yarn is the LOST numbers!!! Linky link, please?? :-D

Nerdiness rocks.

mle said...

Wow, that is some sock list! oh, I've been coveting some Sunshine Yarn so much!! Her colorways are fabulous!

Kim in Oregon said...

Man. I feel like I've been working on my widdershins forever. And I'm just doing the heel flap on #2. I can't even fathom a list. I'm just looking forward to starting something new.

Lynae said...

You've even gotten me making lists of sock yarn and possible patterns.

Back from Denver, just finished filing the back to the socks I started on the plane. (yes Vera socks). Size 0 is working well.

Kathy said...


You really are sock savvy. Wow. I love the chocolate cherry socks . The colorway is so pretty. You knit them up beautifully. Sorry so long since I've visted.