Thursday, October 05, 2006


What is it about shiny things that is so appealing? I like shiny yarn. I like shiny cars. I like shiny diamonds. I like shiny pens. I like shiny nail polish. If it's shiny, I like it. So, it goes without saying, I like Schoeller & Stahl Mexiko Disco yarn. I'm just cruising through this pair of socks (color #9051 Durango). This yarn knits up a lot like Opal, so I am hoping it does soften a bit when washed like Opal does. I'm just doing my plain sock pattern that has been gleaned from different sources. Nothing fancy here, just letting the shininess do all the work.

Ivy is progressing as well. It is a slower knit than I expected, but now that I'm through the large cabled section on the back I'm picking up speed. The Elann Peruvian Highland Silk is lovely to work with and I'm so pleased with the autumn purple color. The stitch definition is very good - the cables really pop. I really like the contrast between the cabled section and the smooth stockinette. Pretty pretty pretty.

We have decided to visit family over the weekend so I don't expect a lot of knitting to get done, but you never know. Silly family getting in the way of yarn time:)


Liz said...

We missed you at Group last night, I want to see the Autumn Purple in real life. Adrienne is knitting a cabled stole & showed us how to cable without a cable needle, it was cool.

Chicago Jen said...

Ooh, sooo pretty. I'm still plugging away on Somewhat cowl, but I got it to the point where I can try it on and ooohh boy is it going to be pretty. Maybe we can have a purple sweater night sometime soon... Hope to see you next week.

Dave said...

Ohhh, sparkly socks!!! Very cool :-)

Magatha said...

Your Ivy has a beautiful beginnig! I'll have to check that pattern out.