Friday, February 16, 2007

Progress and an Announcement

Danica is coming along very well. I'm on the third ball. I think one more and I'll be done. The Patons SWS is becoming a favorite. Very nice to knit.

The needles have arrived so I can continue swatching for Pippa, but now I think there will be a change of plans. Along with the needles I needed I happened to order the Knit Picks Gloss (Dusk) necessary to knit Thermal. I can't resist. Pippa is being bumped and I'll be starting Thermal once I get it swatched.

And it's official, Matt and I will be moving to Oregon this summer. Matt is getting ready to defend for his PhD (probably in July) and he is about to accept an offer for a wonderful job out in the Portland area. Yea! I'll be close to some of my family as well as fields of sheep! Sorry about the abundance of exclamation points, but I'm so excited!!! I'll miss my dear knitting Group, but I have a feeling I can lure them out once I reveal that we will be within one hour's drive of Blue Moon Fiber Arts. :)


Lynae said...

LMAO, what you DON'T know is that Liz, Adrienne, and I all decided on Tuesday that Camp Cockamamie is on the agenda for next year. One, because we want to go, and two, because we figured you would be close to there!

mle said...

Congrats to your husband! Portland sounds really great!
I've been temped by Thermal myself but I just have too many other projects in the works right now. Looks like a fun knit though!

Kim in Oregon said...

Congrats to both of you future Oregonians!

Chicago Jen said...

Congrats! We'll totally miss you! :( But, um, can I come to Camp Cockamamie, too?

Adrienne said...

Looks like we have a field trip in the making!

Sarah U said...

Unfortunately though, it's only their factory. They don't have a store in Scappoose. (I'm less than an hour away from it and it kills me). On the other hand though, it means the LYS's have a very short lead time for their shipments of Blue Moon.

Welcome to the area! You should definitely visit the Yarn Garden
and Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks up in the Rose Quarter.

Kathy said...

How exciting for you Alyssa. What a fun move.

Liz said...

I just knew you were going to knit thermal, I love that sweater, but it would take me 2 years to knit. Yes, us brave knitters who made it to group Tuesday night, already discussed the possibility of doing Camp Cockamamie and visiting you in April 2008. And you know I travel to Portland a couple times a year on biz!

knit chick said...

I'm torn between congrats to you & Matt and sad that you'll be leaving GROUP. I can't help but think that it's more than just a coincidence you're moving closer to BMFA.

I admit I thought you had another type of news when I saw "an announcement"... I know, dumb of me to even think it!

You really know how to bring a blog-slacker outta hiding :)