Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's a bit chilly here in Chicagoland. The weather people are predicting a high of 6. Yikes! Good thing I just started on a project that will keep me toasty warm. I present the first nearly completed Endpaper Mitt!

I'm knitting the mitts in Louet Gems Merino in the colors Indigo and Neptune on size 2.75mm needles. I can't believe how quickly the tiny tiny yarn knits up into such a beautiful pattern. Eunny's design is just perfect. That's not a ladder running down the left side, but a tiny little purl seam. I'm hoping to finish this one today and have the pair done by next week.

I originally cast on using some Fleece Artist merino sock yarn in Moss and Louet Gems Merino in Champagne, but after I got a couple repeats in I pulled out the needles and cast on with the blues you see. Now I wish I hadn't been so hasty as Matt saw the start of the other one and said it looked great....maybe I can pick up all the stitches...

Aside from the Endpaper Mitts (which I admit are absorbing most of my time) I've made some progress on my Duet Socks. The first sock is all done except for the heel and the second one is cruising along. I'm just going to do both heels at the end as I'm a little nervous about having enough yarn to do both (I increased the size a bit from what the pattern indicated).

I checked this weekend and A Swell Yarn Shop did have more of this terrific sock yarn back in stock, but who knows how long it will last. I really really really wanted to order another set (the Dylan colorway is so cute), but I'm least until a little destash sale of mine is over on Ebay (shameless plug).

I swatched for my next sweater project. It's a time consuming one. Tiny yarn, tiny needles, knit in pieces. Details soon. :)

Ack! Just got tagged by MLE for the 5 Secrets About Me meme.

Here you go:
1) I have to eat KitKats in layers (chocolate first then each individual wafer);
2) If I finish a book, I have to start the first chapter of the next one, even if it's 2am;
3) The colder it is, the more I want ice cream (Saturday night when it was -3 we went to Ben and Jerry's);
4) I knew I would marry Matt the night we first kissed; and
5) I went to law school on a whim - whoops!

I tag my fellow knitting Group Members (links for those that have blogs on the right hand side. Those that don't you are welcome to just leave it in a comment): Adrienne, Liz, Kathy, Jen, Lynae, Tamara, and Claire. :)

Oh and Kim - Tag you are it too!


Angela said...

Hi! It's Angela from A Swell Yarn Shop!
The Duet Socks are looking great!!!
I wanted to let you know that even if your increased your pattern size you WILL have enough for both heels! (there's extra for oops that may occur!)
I would LOVE to see a picture of the completed pair when you are done!!

mle said...

I love ice cream when it's cold too!! well, I just love ice cream anytime, anywhere! LOL!
Your Endpaper Mitt is looking great! I need to get on the ball and finish the second one of mine!
Stay warm!

Stephanie said...

Funny -I do the book thing too. :)

Rose said...

Oh those mitts are gorgeous!