Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day 10 -We Have a Connection!

Above you will see progress as of the end of Day 10 of the Knitting Olympics (Monday). The stole is now getting to be stole length (a good thing, I think) so it is making it a bit more challenging to photograph. As I barely function in the morning this is the best I can do. Below is a close up so that you can admire the pretty colors and stitch pattern:) I am absolutely on track to get this blocking on Friday and therefore, hopefully, completely finished for the Closing Ceremonies. (Yea!)

GROUP knitting is tonight at Borders in Wilmette (corner of Skokie and Lake) at 6:30 - See you there!


knit_chick said...

Great progress on the stole. The color and detail is beautiful.

Have fun at GROUP tonight! I'll be thinking knitting while sitting in class :)

Chicago Jen said...

Dude!! I'm so glad that you mentioned that group night is tonight!! I totally would have fogotten! Going back to edit today's post!

Anonymous said...


I have a business dinner at 5:30...but I hope to stop by on my way home...that is if I get finished before 8pm.


Kim in Oregon said...

Wow, gorgeous.