Monday, February 20, 2006

Technical Difficulties

So I'm having technical difficulties. Not with my knitting, not with my camera, but with my home internet connection. I'm hoping things will magically fix themselves during the day as they tend to do with Comcast. Rest assured my Knitting Olympic knitting is going well and after some concerns that I would fall behind schedule this weekend, I am right back on track.

Friday night, with our modest tax refund in transit to our bank account, M and I decided to go buy a new camera. Our old one, while still ok, had a few issues. Anyway, after driving all over Evanston, Skokie, and Niles dealing with some of the worst sales force I have ever dealt with at multiple Best Buys (when one calls a store to see if something is in stock and one is told it is so then one drives to said store and it is not in stock, one tends to be a bit annoyed) we ended up at Ritz Camera in Skokie and within minutes we had our new awesome camera - the Casio Exilim EX-S500. This camera meets M's criteria that it be tiny and mine that it has to do good close-ups (for knitting pictures, of course). We spent a good part of the weekend testing it out and we are quite pleased (plus it's so tiny!).

We also watched a lot of movies this weekend (which helped me keep on my knitting schedule). First we watched Mirrormask - one review had called it something like "scorching eye-candy," and yes, yes it was scorching eye-candy. Very much like an updated Labyrinth. I liked it a lot (I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman) Next we watched The Machinist which proved to be a very interesting thriller. Christian Bale did an excellent job in this movie. Highly recommend it. Our final rental was Word Wars, a very amusing documentary about Scrabble tournament players. Always interesting to get a glimpse at a different sort of folk. We also went out to a movie Saturday afternoon. We went to see Date Movie and we were pretty disappointed. We love silly spoof movies, but this one just misses the mark. If had it to do over, I would rent this one, not pay for a ticket. As M said as we walked out, "That's a couple hours we can't get back." :( At least our rentals were all good:)

In addition to all the movies, we watched a bit of curling - the Men's team is doing so well! The semi-finals on Wednesday when the U.S. plays Canada should be exciting.

Ok, enough with the sad pictureless post - Hopefully I'll be back online tonight to upload photos at home.

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