Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Olympic Training

There it is. My first lace swatch. It's not the most beautiful thing in the world, but this was my first run through on the pattern (as well as with lace). It's funny. I have no problem using size 0's and thin sock yarn or size 7's and some plump wool, but give me lacey merino and size 6 needles and I feel like I'm learning to knit all over again. As to feasibility...I think I can do it. The pattern has a 9 row seed stitch border on either end and then recommends 13 pattern repeats of the 32 row pattern. If I do at least one 32 row repeat a day I can do it. I'm a little apprehensive that I'm out of my league, but even while watching the Simpsons I was able to muddle my way through the pattern. I did scope out all the other lace knitters listed on the Yarn Harlot's olympic page trying to see if there were any others like me. There are a couple beginning lace knitters out there who have picked extremely big, complex projects for the Knitting Olympics - I look forward to seeing if we can all rise to our personal challenges. Though at times I do feel as if I ended up signing up for the Skeleton when Curling would have been more my speed. (I love curling!).

Oh, and Jen had mentioned in the comments the other day that I either had no life or knit very fast in order to knit what I do. She is correct on both accounts: 1) My husband is in grad school, so I'm on my own a lot, 2) I love to sit at home with a cup of coffee, a cat, and some knitting, and 3) When you knit obsessive amounts you do get faster and faster:)

Please don't forget knitting GROUP is tonight! (Moved a week earlier due to Valentine's Day next week) -- See you at the Borders on Lake and Skokie in Wilmette tonight at 6:30.


Chicago Jen said...

Okay, i don't think I specifically said you have no life, I just asked if you neglected things like laundry, dishes and all other things mundane and un-fun. Oh and your lace is going to be beautiful. I'm hoping you'll bring it tonight. We can talk about lace knitting tips!

Karin said...

I bet it will end up very pretty--I am doing lace too but it's a pattern that calls for worsted weight. I think I'll have to swatch today, I have been so busy with other knitting projects that I haven't even thought about the KO in a while!

Mothlady said...

Yikes, I still haven't swatched for the KO. Thanks for reminding me :)

alice said...

I'm another of the new lace knitters. (Well, not completely new; I've done a small scarf and several pairs of socks with lacy cuffs.) But this is my first big, scary lace project, using lace-weight alpaca from my stash. It was so pretty and soft when I bought it, over a year ago, and it never occurred to me at the time that it wouldn't be good yarn for socks. Oh well. Onward.

Inky said...

Excellent job on the lace--i'll be thinking of you when I cast on today.

Mr. Inky is doing a supporting role for me, he didn't want to get in on the competition, lol.

Do you need some candy little girl? I have a few extra bars *hint hint* email me direct at inkchick AT gmail DOT com