Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 (Monday)
No problem staying ahead of schedule. I never thought I'd enjoy lace knitting, but look at me now - I'm even using a lifeline just in case! Overnight I had recorded hours of Olympic curling action and I was set! (I love having a DVR- it's like TiVo, but no phone line necessary). So a few hours later (and an amazing game between the USA Men's Curling team and Norway) I was wrapping up my 4th full repeat.

Day 4 (Tuesday - Valentine's Day)
So, unexpectedly I got a little bit of knitting done yesterday therefore keeping my lead. Granted it was only 1/2 a repeat, but look at the progress. What's that? Those cute little trinkets on my Baltic Sea Stole? Well, those would be adorable little pendants I had been wanting that M gave me for Valentine's. They are from this fantastic art glass maker, Happy Owl Glass. They have an animal menagerie with different animals pictured on these little squares. Someone at work had a few of these pendants and I was hoping to have some of my own. I love them!

Then, while at work , M came into my office with these lovely roses. They are the most gorgeous shade and they are so very fragrant. Roses are my favorite and of course M knew he couldn't go wrong with these:)

To celebrate Valentine's Day, M and I went to a favorite Evanston restaurant, Koi. They have outstanding maki rolls. The sushi chef was doing a special roll for Valentine's called the Sweetheart roll. It was gorgeous and the taste was perfection. Every 2 pieces of maki roll were formed to create a heart when placed together. They were wrapped in pink tuna and salmon. Mmmmm....sushi! Afterwards we walked over to Ethel's Chocolate Lounge and picked out a couple chocolates for later. After we got home I had a chance to knit a little while enjoying the lovely chocolates.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's day too - how did you celebrate?


Karin said...

What nice flowers--I got some roses from Aaron too but they haven't opened up yet. He made me a surprise dinner when I got home from night school of lamb chops and mashed potatoes, very yummy! And I bought him some cookies, that was all the gifts we did.

I love that lifeline idea, I too am really enjoying my lace project. We're building a DVR too at our house, it should be operational starting this weekend--I can't wait!

Chicago Jen said...

Wow! What a lovely V-Day! How nice for you! And your lace is coming along nicely! I hope you win the Olympics!

Mothlady said...

That stole is beautiful! I love the subtle shades of blue. Penguins and owls are my favourite birds, so I will check out Happy Owl later (after the Olympics, hehe).

Lynae said...

I am thinking that the lifeline would be a good idea for a great many projects.

Hmmmmmmmm I love sushi too.

V-day here meant flowers for me, presents for everyone else, and SUSHI for everyone.

The pendants are SO cool!

Kathy said...

Barnaby's heart shaped pizza, family tradition on Valentine's day. Line OUT THE DOOR for more than an hour. Barnaby's is outstanding: skokie blvd at the frontage/sunset road split.

No flowers given here. Husband considers it a Hallmark holiday. Hello? St. Valentine was around way before Hallmark.

Favorite patient's family gave me chocolates. Mmmmmm. Not necessary,very much enjoyed. Another patient from long ago sent me a Valentine. So sweet to see the little guy growing up!