Friday, July 07, 2006

One Pair Down

Vesper Strange Little Mama Socks

Vesper Strange Little Mama Socks
Pattern: Generic sock pattern with picot cuff from Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns (2 inches for picot edge, 5 inch leg, 10 1/4 inch foot)
Yarn:Vesper Sock Yarn by Knitterly Things in Strange Little Mama
Needle: KnitPicks double pointed needles in sizes 1 and 0. Gauge of approx. 7 1/2 on 1's, 9 on 0's
Start Date: July 1, 2006
Finish Date: July 7, 2006
Comments: I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, the striping colors or the needles. Overall, I really enjoyed knitting with the Vesper Sock Yarn. The only drawback I see, apart from its availability, is that it is not machine washable (a price you sometimes pay for 100% merino wool). With so many fantastic machine washable yarns on the market now it's a little frustrating to end up with handwash-only socks, but it's a small annoyance when I consider how truly fun this yarn is to knit. The colors are rich and the self-striping action was definitely amusing.

I was surprised that I almost ran out of yarn at the end. Everyone at knitting GROUP can attest to the fact that as I started my second sock it appeared I had plenty. Well, after I finished up the last sock all I have left is one section of the red and then most of a full repeat of red, pink, and black from when I had to find the starting point for the second sock. Yikes! That was a close one!

Now that they are finished, I may not be clamoring for any more of this yarn until it comes in superwash (I still have one skein in the stash), but I will say that this sock practically knit itself it was so enjoyable.

The yarn shouldn't get all the credit for the great knitting experience - the new KnitPicks double pointed needles are wonderful! I was really surprised I liked knitting with them as I always thought the reason I liked bamboo was because of the flexibility. Apparently that's not as important to me as a fantastically sharp tip and a wonderfully smooth, but not too slick, surface. My only wish is that they were 7 inches instead of 6 as I have larger hands and the non-working end of the needle would lightly rub against the outer palm of my hand. That wasn't enough to stop me from ordering a second set of the 0's and 1's earlier this week. These needles are now officially my favorite double points. A great start to my Month of Socks...Five pairs to go!

Congratulations to Aija! Her super sock pattern -RPM- was just published in the new summer Knitty. To celebrate she's having a contest with some great prizes. Be sure to check out the pattern here and then take a gander at her contest here:)


Kaitie Tee said...

Cute socks! You may have talked me into buying some of those Knit Picks needles...

aija said...

I *love* the colorway of those socks!!

(Thanks for the link!)

cookie said...

Nice socks! Holy cow you have an awesome stash!!!

Kathy said...


I really thought you were doing the striping yourself. Blacks, pinks white. WOW that is an impressive sock yarn. Glad you had enough!

I'll go check out the contest thanks