Friday, May 04, 2007

Looking Forward

As I draw closer to the completion of Thermal, which has occupied my time for weeks and weeks, I am busy planning my next projects. (That's Thermal's 2nd sleeve in progress to the right). I mentioned last time that I'm thinking of knitting Wicked in Cotton Ease. Well, I'm also looking at Rusted Root as well as the Summertime Tank from Interweave Knits online. I've ordered some Hemp For Knitting allhemp6 for the Tank.

Why am I ordering more yarn? I don't need to be ordering any more yarn. We are moving in 2 1/2 months and I feel like my yarn stash will need it's own truck! Therefore, until we move I'm not buying any more yarn. At all. Including sock yarn. I'm in 5(!) sock yarn clubs so that should keep me happy, right? My knitting group is planning a field trip to a yarn store in Wisconsin. I'm not going to buy anything when we go. Nope. I just don't need anymore. I have so many fantastic projects planned that will use yarn that's currently in the stash that I feel at peace with this decision. Also, with the impending homeownership, I need to save some money for house stuff like a washer and dryer, curtains, etc. Oh, and a puppy. :)

Speaking of sock clubs...I got my April Petals Collection kit yesterday and I'm ecstatic! The color is Dahlia and it is an absolutely stunning yarn (and very difficult to photograph). The pattern looks good, but it's sized pretty small so I'll have to tinker with it a bit if I end up using it. I may do a different pattern though, but for now I'm just going to leave this skein near my knitting area and pet it every day. I love this yarn!


Susan Pandorf said...

Sundara is so great! I just got my Cherry Blossom from her anniversary celebration and cast on Hydrangea socks last night - yummy - nice and springy! I signed up for the next go round of the sock club - can't wait.


mle said...

Ooo! nice new banner!
I've been eyeing that Summertime Tunic too. I think it's really cute. I'm definitely knitting Rusted Root this summer too!

Chicago Jen said...

Hooray on progress!! I'm so excited for you! And that yarn from Sundara!! Gasp so beautiful!! and a puppy?? cool. I'm jealous.

Kathy said...

Oh Dahlia is gorgeous. I think you should have a contest and let me win it.

Kim in Oregon said...

YOu know the other one that is cute? That cotton tank with the lace top that is knit in the round that is in the new issue of IK. I think I"m going to do that one (If I can get the gauge with the leftover c-e in stash). Choices! Choices!