Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blocking with Cats

First of all, thank you! Thank you to everyone who left such lovely compliments about my Baltic Sea Stole. As you can see in my sidebar, I've added my "gold medal" designed by the fabulous Franklin . Definitely a great prize:)

So, what have I been doing since the Knitting Olympics have ended? I've been knitting. I finished up the last sleeve of Sesame. It's now all blocking. I felt it was necessary to include two photos here. One shows a peaceful blocking scene. All the various pieces, a blocking board, etc. It looks very sane. Well, I've included the second photo to show that blocking with cats is not an easy thing. All three hover at first. Then they insert themselves wherever I need to be. I use blocking wires and unfortunately blocking wires look exactly like one of their favorite toys (a wire with some cardboard on the end). So, maybe it's my fault. Maybe I trained them to attack. Laska also has a nasty habit of pulling out each pin one by one. She doesn't do anything with the pins. Just pulls one out, drops it, moves on to the next one. Weird.
I'm hoping Sesame will be dry tonight so that I can finish it up. I got the coolest buttons too. Stay tuned for updates:)

I also finished M's tiger socks. I'll get some pictures tonight. M loves them and is wearing them today. Details to come...

I also started another Dublin Bay Sock (link opens a PDF), this time in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Seaside. I'm already at the gusset decreases on the first sock. The combination of the lovely Dublin Bay pattern and the wonderfully smooth Shepherd Sock yarn makes for nice quick knitting. Pictures soon, I promise.

Tonight I really need to get started on a baby blanket I'm going to make for two good friends' future child. I want to get the blanket done in time to take it when we next visit our hometown in a couple weeks. I need to get knitting! Guess what? No pictures yet....

Oh, and I've been ordering a lot of sock yarn online....A lot. Pictures as soon as it all begins to arrive:)


Karin said...

I find my cats are more interested in when I use my board to measure and cut fabric. I can't get them off it! They love the blocking board though. I think they must like how it feels when they sit on it.

Mothlady said...

Congratulations on your gold medal! The stole is fabulous and I love your cute blocking supervisors ;)

And thanks for the film tips, I will check them out later. (We saw The Machinist earlier and it was quite good.)