Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where Did All This Sock Yarn Come From?

So...I've been ordering a lot of sock yarn. A lot.

First -Trekking XXL that I ordered from a great little store in Germany. Even with the shipping, the yarn was cheaper by skein than what I could find in the U.S. and they had a fantastic selection of colors. The shipping was the same whether I ordered 4 or 8 skeins, so of course, I went with eight:) The colors are (from left to right): 126, 107, 06, 66, 100, 78, 71, and 105 . I think this is the order I'll knit them:) I LOVE them. I keep taking the skeins out of the box to look at them and admire the colors. The two darker ones are for socks for M. The rest are for me me me!

Then we have a lovely little order from Simply Sock Yarn. That store consistently impresses me with their customer service and prices. (Plus they ship really quickly.) Here we have Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in the long desired Old Rose colorway, Fleece Artist Merino in one of their new colors,Rose Garden, and two skeins of Opal Rainforest in Doktorfish and Chameleon. The Old Rose and Doktorfish are both on the needles already! (Pictures of socks in progress to come...) The Cherry Tree Hill is a pleasure to knit. I keep stopping knitting just to look at the gorgeous fabric it is creating. I am so addicted to sock knitting!

Then, there is lots of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock from Angelika's Yarn Store . I highly recommend this store - she carries just about every color of Lorna's Laces in stock and her customer service was extraordinary. Fast shipping too. Her prices on Shepherd Sock are a little higher than some other places, but it's well worth it for the selection and service. Here's the yarn from left to right: Pacific Berries (exclusive color to her store), Turquoise, Blackberry, Carol Green, Douglas Fir, and Bittersweet.

Finally (and I mean finally!), 2 skeins of mediumweight Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock arrived on my doorstep. I have been in constant contact with Toni at the Fold determining when she would be getting more, what colors did they have, etc. Toni is a delight to work with and put up with my pestering:) I had been waiting for the lightweight, but apparently Blue Moon Fiber Arts has been having a little trouble with it lately and since the mediumweight is still definitely sock weight, I pounced on a couple skeins right when they became available. Here we have Hot Flash and Harvest Moon. I. Love. Them. Love. Love. Love. The colors and the texture. Love. Love. Love.

So, there you have it. My outrageous splurge on sock yarn (thankfully the tax refund covers the new camera and most of this yarn) and I love it all. No regrets:) I've been having a lot of fun planning out what pattern to use for each skein. I love my sock yarn stash! So, which are your favorites?


aija said...

Wow! (wowwowwow!) :) I love sock yarn too :) I can't pick a favorite-- its all great! Have fun knitting, that opal fish is very pretty & I can't wait to see progress pics (and I agree about SSYC, they're a great store to buy from.)

Anonymous said...

You just might have to consider giving up wearing shoes so everyone can see your beautiful socks ! Such lovely colors.. can't pick a favorite.


Kim in Oregon said...


I just finished a pair of socks from STR in the medium weight. They knit up really quickly and feel great (or so DH tells me, as they are his socks). So I really like your choices there a lot. I also am coveting (COVETING) the Fleece Artist in rose garden, I may have to look up those.

I must tell ya,though, I'm not that impressed with LL. The colors are lovely, but they just don't have the heft that I like.

I love the opal rainforest collection, I've made tiger and zebra socks, and also have doktorfish in the stash.

knit chick said...

Holy sh!t, Alyssa! You weren't kidding when you told me that you were expecting a lot of sock yarn in the mail.

Yeah, you're going to be busy knitting socks for a few months...

(I bow down to your stash greatness.)

Chicago Jen said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! You are an amazing sock yarn fiend!! I am so impressed! I LOVE those Lorna's semi-solids!! Wow... I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP!

And I thought I had a lot of sock yarn....but I did cast on 4 pair of socks this weekend....doing 2 PAIR at a time on 2 circs.

LOL - that should be fun knitting on an 18 hour road trip.

Kathy said...


I love the old rose colorway the best. Cannot wait to see how they work up. How many pairs of socks does all that yarn come to?

JessaLu said...

I'm here via Knit Chick...

NICE!!! ;o)

mf said...

OHHHHH my jaw is hanging!!! LOVE ALL THAT SOCK YARN!!! My Favs too.. isn't Toni & Kaci just the BEST!!

Monica said...

I can understand why you need to have all that sock yarn. You have to try them all to make sure that you're not limiting yourself. And every color of the same yarn brand isn't the same!