Monday, March 13, 2006

Saturday Class

Saturday found me up bright and early driving out to Wool & Company for a class with Arnhild on Hats the Nor-Way. There were about 16 other knitters and Arnhild. She was a delightful woman. Great sense of humor and a fabulous knitter - what else do you need?

Being the blogging dork that I am, I brought out my camera much to Claire's discomfort. As you can see, she was not interested in being photographed. She was nice enough to let me get the following "action" shot though. After class we had to run by the Wool & Company shop. What a great store! Huge selection and very good prices - I couldn't leave empty handed so I picked up a little Koigu and some Claudia Hand Painted sock yarn. (Due to technical (Comcast) difficulties, yarn pictures and a picture of what I knit during class will appear tomorrow or the next day.)

The Dublin Bay Socks are done. The prairie baby blanket is less than 1 skein away from being done. I've started new socks. Pictures soon...

Knitting GROUP is tonight - 6:30 to 8:00 at the Borders in Wilmette (Lake and Skokie) - see you there!


Claire said...

Hey, I actually like that picture of me (and the hand one came out great, too)! Don't feel bad, that's pretty much the same type of pictures my friends and family have of me. :D

Thanks again for driving so early. It was a good class.

Have fun at GROUP!

Lynae said...

I am SO ready for group!

Yes, I was planning on bringing my new SP gifts to allow others to pet.

I also have some new yummy stuff from Brooklyn Handspun - a blogger who does beautiful dyeing.

I am really jealous of the number of projects you, still working on the clap.