Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Doktorfisch is In

Opal Rainforest Doktorfisch
Pattern: My own 2x2 rib sock with Eye of Partridge heel
Yarn: Opal Rainforest Doktorfisch (Fish)
Needles: Pony Pearl 1's and 0's (gauge 9 stitches per inch)
Start Date: March 13, 2006
End Date: March 28, 2006
Comments: This yarn was a lot of fun. I can't believe I even got the stripes to match (pretty much). I expect these will soften up considerably as M's Opal Tiger socks just keep getting softer with each wash.

The Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose Socks are 75% complete. I'm hoping to finish them up tonight. That yarn is such a treat to knit with. So soft and plush.

Non-sock projects are in the near future. I'll be doing some swatching over the next couple days to decide what I'm going to be knitting in April. Of course, whatever it is, there will still be sock knitting too:)


Kathy said...

Phew, now you are off those pony pearls! THANKS FOR THEM ALYSSA!

Your doktorfisch heel is great.

Chicago Jen said...

Yeah, no more plastic needles!! Congrats!!

knit chick said...

Buh-bye Pony Pearl needles... you were quite the experience.

You are just flying with all your finished socks.

Elabeth said...

I love those colors. Great socks!